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Anime Spy x Family summary:

Twilight, the world's greatest spy, must create a family from scratch for his new mission in order to break into the most prestigious school of the aristocracy. Completely lacking in family experience, he adopts a little girl, unaware that she is telepathic, and joins forces with a shy young woman, without suspecting that she is a formidable hitman. This atypical trio will have to deal with going unnoticed, while discovering the true values of a united and loving family.

In short: Spy x Family is a delightful mix of gripping adventure (with brief but exceptional fights), laugh-out-loud situations, and screamingly cute moments. With the added bonus of two sexy and badass heroes, a man and a woman. And it all makes for an addictive combo for all tastes.

You'll find action figures of Anya Forger, Loid Forger, Yor Forger and all your other favorite characters.

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