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Our anime piggy banks

Find our anime piggy banks of your favorite anime and anime exclusively and at the best price on our site. All of our products are faithfully adapted from anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

We have piggy banks featuring One Piece, Attack of the Titans, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and all your other favorite anime available.

In Asian businesses, the maneki-neko is a Japanese-designed lucky cat that invites customers to drop a few coins on it in order to thank the merchant for their service and the pleasant and unique moment they were able to give you. This is a great way for merchants to improve their relationship and engagement with their customers.

But be smart, just because you don't run a business doesn't mean you can't use a piggy bank for your benefit. For example at work, by placing it on your desk, you can invite your co-workers to drop a few yellow coins into your piggy bank to invite you to coffee in a roundabout way. It's a fun and original way that can trigger funny events that would never have happened!

Giving your child his or her first piggy bank often rhymes with the establishment of pocket money and a contract that governs it committing both child and parents.

These actions show your child that you trust him, and that you see him as growing up. He will then begin to reason about the state of his finances. He will make mistakes, will certainly want to have more money, but he must above all integrate that it is the scarcity of money that makes it valuable in our eyes. The Piggy Bank helps instill in your child the concept of saving, that what is spent now may be missed later.

A beautiful piggy bank is usually mistaken for a simple decorative item such as a statuette or figure. This allows it to be displayed for all to see. And there is no better hiding place than what is hidden in plain sight !

In addition to its primary purpose of helping you save money, it's important to choose a piggy bank with a shape that will remind you why you're saving every time you see it.

Whether it's for a christening gift, a birthday gift, to celebrate the birth of a newborn, or to please at Christmas, the piggy bank is an original gift that is very much appreciated because of the values it conveys.

When you know that a loved one has ambitions, or that their child is old enough to understand that money doesn't grow on trees, giving them a piggy bank is an act filled with common sense. This gift demonstrates the esteem and trust you have in that person. The child will feel valued, having the opportunity to become responsible and partly considered as a great person, when a friend will be aware of the fact that you support his project by giving him a guideline in order to achieve it.

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