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The story revolves around the character of Eren Jäger in a world where mankind lives surrounded by huge walls to protect themselves from gigantic creatures, the Titans. The story tells of humanity's struggle to reclaim its territory, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the appearance of the Titans, the outside world and the events leading up to the construction of the walls.

In the year 845, humans have not seen Titans on the outskirts of the Shiganshina district in over a century. Eren's father, Grisha Jäger, entrusts him with the key to their basement, which is said to contain vital secrets. Unfortunately, Eren and his adopted sister, Mikasa, witnessed the appearance of a 60-meter Titan, the Colossal Titan, as well as the Battleship Titan, which opened a breach in the Maria Wall. Eren did not have time to see the secret of his cellar. The Titans then surge on the city and make a carnage, a smiling Titan rushes to devour the mother of Eren under his eyes. Eren decides to take his revenge and to kill all the Titans by joining the exploration battalion.

In 850, after three years of training, the young graduates of the 104th training brigade are in the district of Trost, one of the border cities of the Rose Wall, to choose their corps. The Colossal Titan reappears and breaches the wall; many titans manage to break into the city, young recruits as well as the inner forces are sent into battle, trying to buy time to allow the citizens to escape and wait for the combat specialized exploration battalion. In the ensuing battle, Eren is eaten by one of the Titans in front of Armin, his best friend, while trying to save him. After Armin had to reveal Eren's death to Mikasa, Mikasa went on a rampage and killed many Titans before collapsing to the ground due to a lack of propellant, leaving her vulnerable on the ground with a Titan right in front of her. Soon after, a Titan appears and attacks the other Titans instead of humans while saving Mikasa from the Titan that was threatening her; he turns out to be Eren, who has somehow gained the ability to transform into a Titan. Although he is considered a threat by some, he helps the soldiers retake the Trost district by sealing the breach, following a second operation. After being brought to justice for being a danger to humanity, he is taken into the care of the Exploration Battalion's intervention unit led by Corporal Livai.

As the plot progresses, many mysteries are revealed regarding Eren's ability to transform into a Titan, the reasons why he obtained this power, and the fact that he is not the only one with this ability. They will also discover the origin of the Titans, the revelation of their true enemies and the decisions Eren must make regarding the future of humanity, his friends and himself.

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