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Our Mystery Boxes on animes

Find our Mystery Box of animes and your favorite Anime exclusively and at the best price on our website. All of our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

What is a anime mystery box?

Mystery Box refers to a box with several products from the japanimation. They contain figures, led lamps but also and especially goodies such as posters, keychains...

A mystery box or boîte mystère in French is therefore a surprise package offered by more and more sites. By choosing to offer or purchase one of these surprise packages on anime, you leave it to the merchant to surprise you and spoil you, the surprise effect in addition. Indeed, the value of the contents is higher than the price of the mystery box, to the delight of those who have chosen to be surprised.

This e-commerce trend has exploded in 2020 and we find this type of box at more and more online merchants. It is indeed a good way to consume luxury products, and this especially in the Otakuet universe to acquire at a reasonable price figures that we could not necessarily afford.

If this proposal seduces more and more, it is mainly because for the price of a anime product top of the range you receive several surprises in your package, worth much more than the price you will have paid for the purchase of a mystery box. It is indeed a privileged way for the anime collectors and Otaku that we are to be able to spoil ourselves without spending astronomical sums, all spiced up by the factor of chance.

Our anime Mystery Box Collection

Anime Figure Store is also part of this new trend and now offers you different mystery boxes on your favorite Anime. These contain a selection of items from our catalog including our LED lamps, our collectible figures, textile items and Goodies. Our mystery boxes are available according to your favorite anime. The value of the container is double the price you paid, so it's more than worth it to try your luck! You will just need to specify your size in case your product selection includes textile.

Find merchandise from One Piece, Attack of the Titans, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and all your other favorite anime.

Don't hesitate to recommend figures, Goodies or anime derivatives you would like to find on Anime Figure Store

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