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Discover our new LEGO anime in the effigy of your favorite anime and anime heroes, all our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

What is a LEGO Anime ?

LEGO® is a line of toys that includes plastic bricks, gears, figures (also called minifigs and figs) in a variety of colors and other parts that can be assembled to create models of almost anything imaginable. Cars, planes, trains, buildings, castles, sculptures, ships, spaceships, and even working robots are just part of an extremely short list of the many things that can be built with LEGO bricks. The high production quality and attention to detail ensures that LEGO pieces can fit together in a multitude of ways, which is one of the main reasons for the toy brand's success. Coincidentally, "LEGO" translates to various Latin meanings such as "Assemble" and "Connect".

Don't wait any longer and find the acrylic figures of Luffy, Livai, Naruto, Gon, Hisoka and many others at the best price.

Give another meaning to your room with our acrylic figures!

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