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Although the Japanese sword was created for warlike use, it is currently recognized as a work of art in its own right. Usually, the history of the Japanese sword is considered to be divided into five major historical periods: jōkotō swords, koto swords, shintō swords, shin-shintō swords, and gendaitō. Each of these periods represents a particular stream of forging.

There are a total of 13 forms of the Japanese sword, one of which is called a Katana: this has a blade size (of the blade) greater than two shakus (twice 30.2 cm) or 60 cm but this length can vary according to the periods and techniques of warfare. It is usually wielded with two hands, but some techniques, such as Musashi Miyamoto's two-sword technique, or techniques involving the use of the scabbard, require one-handed wielding. Its hilt (tsuka), depending on the political climate, varied from two to three hands wide. The tsuka begins with a guard (tsuba) that protects the hand, and ends with an end used to strike (tsuka-gashira or kashira). The weight of a standard katana varies from 800 grams to 1300 grams.

As for its manufacture: Finished in a bevel, the katana blade is traditionally forged from a raw steel called Tamahagane transformed into a composite steel. Hard for the shell, and softer for the core. They are each laminated many times, then intimately welded together at the forge. Then, by covering the back and the sides with a mixture of insulating clay, the blade undergoes a selective hardening, which will confer to the weapon the combined qualities of extreme hardness of the edge, as well as resistance to shocks for the whole.

The next step is polishing, done with decreasing-grain volcanic stones, which sharpens the blade by revealing the crystalline structures.

In fact the Katana is an extremely devastating weapon vis a vis its very sharp razor, but also a "religious" and symbolic weapon that represents, The strength, honor, and loyalty of the Japanese. Used mostly during the Edo period by the samurais, this weapon was replaced and almost forgotten because of globalization and the importation of firearms.

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