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Authentic Beyblade spinning tops

Two main manufacturers make and distribute the official version of Beyblade spinning tops:

  • Takara Tomy the Japanese brand that makes the authentic spinning tops of the universe, both metal and plastic and handles distribution in Asia.
  • Hasbro, the brand that distributes in Europe and the United States. Its spinning tops are significantly less authentic than their Japanese counterparts, as they are made entirely of plastic. Nevertheless, it is the second official distributor of Beyblade spinning tops.

At Anime Figure Store, we try to provide the spinning tops as close as possible to the universe of the anime series and anime. That's why we offer spinning tops from both the Takara Tomy brand which are very popular with Beyblade specialists. But we also sell Beyblade spinning tops from Hasbro, to have fun with friends.

Beyblade Burst spinning tops: a bursting system and interchangeable components

The arrival of the third saga in an animated series marks a turning point in the operation in the Beyblade universe. The arrival of Burst spinners introduces new ways to play and fight in arenas. Because, in addition to scoring points by "bursting" the opponent's top (that is, exploding it, separating the pieces that make it up), you can now make your own tops.
In fact, the addition of this new feature, allows you to mix the components of different tops to create a unique top with your own style.
As the number of tops is quite large, the possible combinations are too high to figure out. It will not be surprising to find yourself with one or more spinning tops assembled by you, which will be unique and exclusive during tournaments or competitions.
This is the ideal situation because your opponent will not be able to anticipate your attacks or your style during the fight, and will not know how the top reacts when hit. He will dread being thrown out of the fighting arena.
However, it is also important to remember that throwing the spinner into the Beyblade Stadium is also the most important phase of a duel. If you want to emerge victorious and fight hard, it is essential to work on your throws.

Beyblade Metal Fight for the nostalgic

When the release of the Beyblade metal spinning top saga arrived, it was a real revolution. Because many remain die-hard fans of the seasons of that good old era from 2008 to 2012, Anime Figure Store strives to keep collections of Beyblade Metal fusion, Beyblade Metal Masters, Metal Fury and Beyblade Shogun Steel tops.

Beyblade Bakuten Shoot: the return to the roots

For the biggest Beyblade fans, Bakuten Shoot remains a must-have series, it is from this first saga that everything started. Released in the early 2000s, the series is nowadays hard to find and so are the spinning tops from that time. On the other hand, Hasbro and Takara Tomy propose from time to time reissues of these Beyblade spinning tops and we are happy to propose them to you on our store.

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