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Find our posters of the One Piece anime exclusively and at the best price on our website. All of our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

A poster is a printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Typically, posters have both text and graphic elements, although a poster can be all text or all text. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative. Posters can be used for many purposes. They are a common tool of advertisers, propagandists, protesters and other groups trying to communicate a message. Posters are also used for reproductions of artwork, especially famous works, and are generally inexpensive compared to original artwork.

A prize is a reward, usually monetary, promised for the completion of a certain task. In many contexts, most notably in the world of One Piece, it refers to the sum of money wagered on the capture (and/or death) of criminals such as pirates.

A criminal is, more often than not, known by his poster. Without the issuance of a "Wanted" poster, no criminal can be brought to news. These posters are distributed worldwide to newspapers and institutions. The Marines also keep copies of each criminal in their bases and as well as on their ships for quick identification. Bounty hunters may also have a list.

The most important part of a poster is the person's portrait. It allows a quick identification when viewing the person and informs everyone in the world of his or her desired status. The image normally takes the form of a photograph; if a suitable photograph is not available, an artist's rendering may be substituted as in the case of Sanji. For some (including Sanji) a decent photograph is as important as the award itself, it is the only way to be associated with the award on the poster - due to Sanji's misfortune, a rather crude drawing is used, which led to someone else taking the blame for a period of time due to pure coincidence. A new image can be issued to account for any change in appearance (like Robin). If a person wears a disguise that makes them different and they are recognized by that disguise, they can fool the system, as Charlotte Cracker shows.

One of the most mysterious things about the wanted posters is the ability of the Marines to obtain photos of almost any criminal with a bounty. These photos are eventually revealed to have been taken by Navy Captain Photography Branch "Flaming Attach" .

Find our wanted posters on Zoro, Luffy, Ace and all your other favorite characters.

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