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Discover our brand newPOP figures featuring your favorite anime heroes, theall of our products are faithfully adapted from the anime and are perfect for a gift or to complete a collection.

A Pop figure, what is it?

A Funko Pop figure, more rarely called a Toy Pop, is a small vinyl collectible doll with coarse features: the main characteristics of the characters depicted are a very large head, a small body, large black eyes and a simplified look. The appeal of these figures lies in a few well-chosen details: an accessory, a hairstyle or a characteristic outfit referring to a specific situation. Collectors are increasingly numerous and participate in the democratization of the phenomenon among the general public.

Our anime POP collections

Among our POP figures, we offer a wide selection of collectible POP funko of all anime like POP statuettes One piece, Dragon ball, Naruto through Demon Slayer or even the Attack of the Titans. Looking for a Gojo or Deku pop: we have a wide selection of POP figure for each of your favorite anime characters! Among all the derivative products ofthe Anime/anime universe, funkos hold a special place. They are not only games and toys, but also real decorative objects for your home. Our collections of pop figures are highly appreciated by collectors for their rendering, quality of finishes and colors. The figures of the important characters have a wide range of prices from 24.99€ at the most basic to 149.99€ for the rarest.

What's an Anime ?

anime is a Japanese comic book in black and white and with particular graphic codes. It is presented in the form of a novel (contrary to our Western comics) and is read from right to left! (Japanese reading direction). Most of the time, a story takes place over several volumes (on average about ten volumes). They are an integral part of Japanese culture and affect children, teenagers as well as adults and even the elderly... The themes covered are therefore very varied (Thriller, love story, fantasy, sports, cooking...) and there are different genres of anime of which the best known are Shônen (action or adventure anime for boys) and Shôjo (Romantic stories for girls).

Come find all your favorite heroes, from Son Goku to Luffy, from Itachi to Livail and all the other characters from your favorite animes!

Give your room another meaning with our pop figures!

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