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Our DBZ Sneakers and Shoes

Dive into the world of your anime favorite with our Sneakers & Shoes Dragon Ball Z.

Make your dressing room glow with the set of these shoes featuring your favorite anime characters. Halfway between Japanese tradition and urban culture, anime shoes are increasingly trendy. Japanese prints or anime characters for the Otaku side, and a Nike-inspired design for the street style side, perfect for a casual look on the cutting edge of fashion. Comfortable and loose embark on a sweet journey to the land of the Rising Sun as you slip on your Japanese sneakers and your Baskets anime.

Dive into the heart of your favorite anime or anime by putting on your anime/anime shoes and become one of the main characters of your current anime series! These shoes are in Asian size, so we advise you to take a size above. For example if you usually wear a size 40, take a size 41. Or follow the size guide to find your size. In terms of quality, we always choose superior materials with leather and organic cotton. This allows for great resistance and infinite durability. Our Sneakers and Basket are unisex. Finally in terms of maintenance it is best to wash by hand, we do not recommend the washing machine!

In particular, you'll find casual sneakers with DBZ characters. Very comfortable with high soles. Our high shoes are designated with ultra detailed anime designs, their finishes are flawless. They are neither shoes nor brodequins, with their black laces, they will bring you a trendy sportwear style.

They will be perfect for any Otaku.

We have personally tested all of these clothes and it is the best way to immerse yourself in the anime universe.

Summary of DBZ :

Dragon Ball Z takes place five years after Son Goku and Chichi, now parents of Son Gohane, are married. Raditz, a mysterious alien warrior, who turns out to be Son Goku's brother, arrives on Earth to find the latter. The latter learns that he comes from a planet of fearsome warriors of which there are only four survivors left, and that he had been sent to the planet Earth with the aim of conquering it (a fall when he was a child would have made him lose his memory).

Like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z takes place in multiple universes where war and the clash between good and evil are constant. One of the recurring motifs is the presence of crystal balls. If seven crystal balls are gathered, any wish can be granted by summoning the dragon Shenron, an emanation of the Almighty. These are the cause of the greatest conflicts in the saga, as they can notably bring immortality. Almost all the greatest enemies of Dragon Ball and then Dragon Ball Z seek them (Vegeta, Freezer, Garlic Junior, Piccolo).

The Dragon Ball Z series differs from Dragon Ball in its emphasis on battles pitting Son Goku and his friends against ever more powerful and relentless enemies in their conquest of the world. In Dragon Ball, the main character Son Goku appears as a gifted martial arts kid who fights against characters who are mostly unscrupulous and evil, but who remains to some extent human in scale. In Dragon Ball Z, in the manner of an initiation novel, Son Goku becomes an adult, falls in love by marrying ChiChi and has children, but above all he faces new super-powerful enemies such as Vegeta, Freezer, Cell or even Boo. The fights no longer take place only on Earth but also and often on distant planets, including that of the Nameks and that of the Kaio Shins.


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