Asakura Anna

Asakura Anna

Asakura Anna, née Kyōyama, is a character in the manga and anime series Shaman King. She is the fiancée - and later wife - of Asakura Yoh and is a second generation Itako.

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Anna has medium-length blond hair. Her eyes are black in the 2001 anime series while amber in the manga series and the 2021 Anime. She is almost always seen wearing a red bandana; the bandana is usually worn on her head, but she starts wearing the bandana around her neck as a scarf and sports a pair of black sunglasses after she leaves for Patch Village in America. Anna wears a jet black mini-dress and around her neck she wears a blue rosary necklace used for her Itako rituals. She wears wooden sandals with red straps and around her right wrist she wears a blue beaded bracelet.

At about 17/18 years old, Anna wore a long black hooded coat with an independent print in the sleeves and bottom, a rosary was rolled up that she wore as a bracelet in her right wrist, her hair was also longer, middle back.

At 21, Anna has let her hair grow long, almost to her knees, and keeps it in place with a white headband instead of her red bandana. Instead of her black dress, she now wears a long dress with white, red and purple wavy heart shapes.

asakura anna


Aggressive and decisive, Anna is a pragmatic person who appears cold and hard. However, she has shown that she truly cares about those who are important to her and that she is truly in love with Yoh. She is extremely dedicated to being "The Ultimate Shaman Queen" and the wife of Yoh, the first friend she ever had. She firmly believes that Yoh is destined to become the Shaman King and believes that her duty as his bride is to train him intensively for this.

Anna loves Yoh, despite the way she treats him badly - she told Oyamada Manta, and again Silva. She became openly upset when it looked like Yoh would be killed by Tokageroh. Anna can be extremely possessive of Yoh, once beating him when she thought the Oracle Bell he brought home was another woman's pager. On several occasions, Anna shows little to no concern for Yoh when Yoh is in a battle, the reason behind this later revealed to be because she truly loved Yoh and trusted him to succeed.

The night before Yoh went to America for the Shaman Fight, she asked Yoh if she could sleep with him, and Yoh said yes. Only Amidamaru and Ren know this. Moreover, when Yohken in hell asked her: "Yoh have you got children too? ", Yoh answered: "No... well, how can I say that? " implying that he and Anna had slept together.

Anna and Asakura Hao seem to have a very strange relationship of their own - Anna didn't like Hao and even slapped him once. Surprisingly, he wasn't angry but actually seemed amused, saying that she was really meant to be the wife of the shaman king.

Capabilities and powers

Anna is an Itako, whose specialty is channeling spirits, and she can summon a spirit from anywhere, even from the afterlife where normal shamans cannot contact spirits. She was trained by Yoh's grandmother, also an Itako. With her 1080 beads, Anna is able to go into a trance and then summon spirits, using the beads as a way to channel the spirit.

Since childhood, Anna has also had the inherent ability to read minds. With the negative emotions of those around her seeping into her heart, the hatred creates different types of Oni.

Anna is exceptionally strong physically, which most people would not suspect because of her slim appearance. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she is not afraid to use violence to subdue anyone, even those she cares about, making her "slap her right hand" and "slap her ghostly left hand (幻 の 左)" (or "Legendary Left") somewhat. infamous among Anna's group of friends, especially Manta and Tamamura Tamao .

Anna's spiritual strength is so immense that she was able to seal and control the two Shikigami Zenki and Goki of Asakura Hao, just by reading how to do in a few seconds. She was also the only person able to damage Hao considerably in battle by sending back her curses.

figurine Asakura Hao

Spells and shamanic techniques

  • Itako Style Integration: Spirit Channeling (イタコ式憑依術 クチヨセItako-shiki Hyōi-jutsu Kuchiyose ): a variant of soul integration. After summoning a spirit, Anna wraps her rosary around it, then forces it into another person.
  • Demon Subjugation (降魔調伏Gōma Chōbuku ): Chō-Senjiryakketsu technique, Anna wraps her rosary around Zenki and Goki and forces them back into their paper talismans.
  • Reishi: Anna was born with the ability to read the minds of others. After Yoh saved her from the Oh-Oni, she began to trust Yoh and thus eventually lost this ability.
  • Okyō (御経, Okei ): This is a prayer used by Anna to banish spirits to heaven or hell - Which realm they end up in depends entirely on who or what she uses the prayer for. Yoh even used this prayer against the silver arms , but it didn't affect them because - as Silva said - those who don't understand the language used or the broader meaning are not affected.
- The incantation
  • Furyoku Nullification : A high level ability that prevents Over Souls and other Furyoku based techniques from contacting the user, rendering them useless.
  • Curse Reversal (呪詛返しJuso-gaeshi ): This technique allows Anna to reflect the effects of a Furyoku attack back to the caster. She is skilled enough to mirror an Asakura Hao spell.


Zenki and Goki are two Shikigamis, a type of pet that serves as a shaman, especially Onmyoji in the case of Zenki and Goki. Both previously belonged to Asakura Hao in his first life. When Anna was supposed to bring the Chō-Senjiryakketsu to Yoh, Tamamura Tamao accidentally broke the seal and released the two demons. Using the Chō-Senjiryakketsu, Anna quickly learned to bind them and began to use them together as her guardian ghosts.



Originally from Aomori, Japan, Anna was abandoned as a little girl because she was born with the ability to involuntarily see into the minds of others. She was found and raised by Asakura Kino. Kino trained Anna to become an itako, which Anna mastered despite her full sight. For this reason, Kino and her husband arranged a marriage between Anna and Asakura Yoh in order to keep the family line strong.

Before meeting Yoh, Anna was unable to control her Reishi and couldn't help but pick up on other people's negative emotions whenever she was with others. Because of this, she began to dislike others, which would involuntarily manifest as an oni . Thus, she tried to avoid going out as much as possible, usually confining herself to her room.

Anna and Yoh met when they were 10 years old in 1995 at Mount Osore. Yoh was traveling with Matamune to visit Kino, but then he saw Anna at a stop after coming out of a store to chase Matamune. He ran into an oni on his way home, and if Matamune had not arrived in time, Yoh would have been injured. The oni itself was actually from her. Yoh finally learned that Anna does not release the oni intentionally; it comes from her own will. Anna seems to have gotten used to the oni, saying that it will only come back if it destroys something. The second time, a Naka-Oni attacked Yoh, who tried to fight the Naka-Oni just to protect the people from destruction. Seeing Yoh's determination, Anna was able to unconsciously recall the oni.

They arrived home after the oni ordeal and Yoh made a promise to her that they would go to the temple shrine and he would release Anna from the oni. Anna reluctantly agreed, fearing the worst possible outcome. While they were at the temple, the thoughts and strong emotions of other people overwhelmed Anna and she called the Naka-Oni back. Matamune knocked him down and went to Yoh who was supporting Anna who seemed to be having trouble breathing because of the oni using a lot of spiritual power.

By absorbing the power of other onis nearby, the Naka-Oni became an Oh-Oni, who was more powerful and could speak. The Oh-Oni kidnapped Anna and took her to Mount Osore to help her absorb the power of the hiding spirits. Meanwhile, Anna went into a trance after her power was forcibly removed. absorb the power. Fearing that she might die of exhaustion or loss of Furyoku, Yoh decided that this had to end once and for all, so using Matamune's necklace as a medium, Matamune was sacrificed and he became a sword (similar to the final form of the merged Harusame and Futunomitama ). During the fight, Anna was finally able to overcome the oni's control and Yoh was able to defeat it.

They were able to defeat the oni and Anna was free of the curse; unfortunately, Matamune was gone and all that was left was a necklace with three black claws. Anna then learned to love Yoh because he was able to free her from the darkness that haunts her every day. From then on, she constantly trained him to become a better and stronger shaman in gratitude, and almost never gave him a reprieve.

Coming to Tokyo

Anna is first seen carrying a bag entering Yoh's hospital room. She reveals her identity as Yoh's fiancée and her intention to train Yoh to be strong enough for the next Shaman Fight. When Yoh refuses, she forces him to see things her way when she notes how hard it was for him to defeat Tao Ren and cites his recent injuries as proof. Yoh leaves to go to the bathroom and explains to Manta why he is so afraid of Anna. Anna reveals that the Shaman Fight will be in Tokyo this time and proceeds to torture Yoh all summer. She also starts attending the Shinra Private Academy, where Yoh also has to endure her training program and remains scared of her constant presence.

During Yoh's battle with Tao Jun and Lee Pyron, Anna demonstrates her skills as an itako when she decides that the battle has gone on long enough and summons Pyron's master, Shamon. When a wobbly old man is summoned, she worries about Yoh, but the master quickly surprises everyone by easily defeating Pyron. The gang watches Pyron and Jun leave as friends.

When Tokageroh possesses Yoh, Anna is seen crying for the first time when she fears that Tokageroh will actually kill Yoh. However, when the ghost thanks Yoh, Anna becomes scary again and increases Yoh's training. When Umemiya Ryunosuke gets up the next morning, Anna announces that Ryu is a shaman. She also summons Mosuke, in Ryu's body to reforge Harusame, and says that Ryu's debt is settled.

figurine asakura hao

Shaman fights in Tokyo

When the star of destiny arrives, Anna will explain what it means and triple Yoh's training. Anna goes home while Yoh takes his test and forces Manta to cook. She explains why Yoh could be Shaman King and why she loves Yoh so much. When Yoh comes home, he has a pager (actually an Oracle Bell) and a hair on his body. Anna beats Yoh senseless because she thinks they are from another woman. Yoh tries to oversell to show Anna what he has learned but realizes he has no more Furyoku and all he has to show for it is Amidamaru in a rather explicit position. Anna beats him more and the beep sounds giving Yoh his first match, against a guy named Usui Horokeu.

Anna is shopping when Yoh is training for his first match. She tells him to go inside because she is tired of shopping and has something to do. The rest of the time passes and the day of the battle arrives. Anna gives Yoh a new battle outfit and Yoh complains about how it looks like the one he wore when he was four. Anna reveals that she had seen it personally because Yoh shouldn't embarrass the Asakura family while fighting in the tournament and is willing to break his head. Yoh, however, quickly changes his mind and now likes the costume. Horohoro then calls from above falls sixty floors and mocks the suit. Anna punches Horohoro in the mouth and reveals that she is Yoh's fiancée. The battle begins and for a moment Yoh loses. Later, Horohoro reveals his dream and Yoh considers giving up. Anna brings him back to normal and the battle starts again. Anna then watches Yoh win and they all go home.

When the next match is announced, Yoh, Anna and Manta go to Yokohama for the match at the foreigners' cemetery. Silva from the Ten Patch Officials appears and makes fun of Anna a bit. Silva and Anna go to do something while Yoh is waiting for the fight. Anna and Silva go to the restaurant and talk a little. Silva explains that a shaman killed another one in a different fight and that he is Yoh's opponent today. Anna is not moved by this and continues to eat. Silva then tells Anna that the shaman is a necromancer. Anna is now worried and knows exactly what these kinds of shamans can do in a cemetery like this. Anna leaves refusing to forfeit the game. Anna goes into town and buys a raincoat. When she gets to the match site, she saves Manta but watches Yoh lose.

asakura anna

When Faust uses his twenty-two ton skeleton, Anna and Silva rush to save Yoh but Tao Ren suddenly appears on his horse and beats him. He excuses his actions by saying that he couldn't let his next opponent die like that.

Anna then watches Yoh lose Manta in the hospital and travels with him to the Asakura Family Inn in Izumo where Yoh wants more training from his grandfather. Anna later appears and prevents Tamamura Tamao from killing Manta and Ryu. They head to the Yomi hole and wait for Yoh to return. Yoh comes out and is exactly the same. Anna asks why Yoh is not half dead, which Yoh says it doesn't matter.

Anna shows up a little later at Yohmei's request, bringing Amidamaru and Harusame. Anna watches Yoh defeating easily the uses of Shikigami Yohmei. They return to Tokyo the next day. Anna doesn't go to Yoh's last match saying that there is no point in stopping the fights between men. Anna asks Tamao to go to the grocery store and relax. Anna knows that Yoh is related to Ren since she used Ponchi and Conchi to watch the whole fight. The next day, people show up at Yoh's door for a party that they gladly oblige.

The night before Yoh leaves for the second round, Anna alongside Tamao prepares a meal for Yoh, but since he spends time with Manta, he never arrives home to eat, and when he finally gets home, Anna is apparently half asleep. However, Anna goes to Yoh's house and delivers her new combat uniform, along with a package sent by Yohmei. As she is about to leave, she talks about Yoh's absence for a long time and asks if she could sleep with him just for that night, to which Yoh says yes. Yoh leaves the next day and Anna is left alone for a while.

Journey through America

She gets a ride to America by asking Manta to help her get there. She brings the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu, Tamao, and her newly acquired Shikigami (which would be difficult to catch although she does it with great ease.). As soon as she arrives, she is attacked by Hao who is very interested in her. She then shows a bit of fear when he gets close to her only for her to retaliate with her phantom left. What had sent her flying When she finds Yoh, she passionately tells him that to everyone's surprise, he responds with the same level of intensity. She then teaches Yoh's team the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu. Later in the month, they are both told about Asakura Hao.

Shaman fights the second round

During the month, Anna taught Yoh's Funbari Onsen team the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu. She was also shown performing several abilities that would increase Yoh's chances of victory. She developed a more serene and caring attitude as she is seen comforting Tamao when they saw Iron Maiden Jeanne kill the "Niles" team. She has also improved her slapping as when she hits Yoh after he leaves the shaman fight, a murderous sound is heard and Yoh is then seen lying in his own pool of blood. It was also shown that her bravery increased instead of showing distress when she was attacked by Hao.

Asakura Hao

Envade the plants

Funbari no Uta

Anna and Yoh get married after finishing college and their wedding anniversary is March 20.

Anna gives birth to a boy named Asakura Hana. She and Yoh begin to travel the world with their infant son, but while in the Middle East, they were killed and ended up in Hao's kingdom in the Great Spirit. There, Anna forces Hao to revive all three of them by blackmail. Hao does this by implanting onis into Hana to act as a fail-safe to prevent her from dying again. Some time after this, Hana is given to Tamao to be raised under her care, and after Anna and Yoh are gone for a long time, Hana comes to believe that Tamao is her real mother. Anna was briefly seen in the Funbari no Uta walking with an adult Asakura Yoh from the Funbari Hill station to the inn.


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