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Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the main character and protagonist of the franchise Baki the Grappler . At the age of thirteen, he decides to take his training in hand to do a more intense training in the footsteps of his father. He later aims to defeat him. Baki fought for the first time in the arena without rules at the age of fifteen and became his champion. He is the son of Yuujirou Hanma and Emi Akezawa and the half-brother of Jack Hanma.

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Baki is generally a carefree, laid-back, hard-training and sometimes aggressive teenager during most of the series. Baki strives to defeat his father, Yuujirou Hanma, who is undoubtedly considered the strongest man in the world. However, Baki's dream is not to replace Yuujirou as the strongest man in the world, but only to become strong enough to defeat him. This goal stems from a natural desire to surpass his father and avenge his mother, Emi Akezawa, who Yuujirou murdered.

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Baki Hanma

Baki trains almost constantly, day and night, trying to perfect his skills as quickly as possible. As a relatively well-known martial artist (among those who know the underground arena), Baki tends to fight various people quite often, sometimes intentionally, other times by terrible luck circumstances (usually the latter). Baki realizes that the fastest and only way to get stronger is to fight other people stronger than him, so that his body becomes stronger and learns from the experience as this is an aspect of the Hanma lineage. However, at some point, Baki realized that his way of fighting was very different from Yuujirou. He said that building relationships with powerful opponents gives him incredible strength, while his father thinks that everyone should be brutally crushed to gain absolute power.

Baki has a strong sense of love and respect for his loved ones. He is known to be very protective of his girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto. He can become aggressive if she is threatened, like when Sikorsky kidnapped her and Baki immediately hunted him down to defeat him. In the second series of the manga, he became very attached to his girlfriend, who acted as a great source of strength for him through her constant love and emotional support. Later, however, this changed somehow and they probably started to see each other less. At some point in the manga, Mohammad Alai Jr. tried to win Kozue's affection, which led to complications in the relationship between her and Baki. Perhaps this is what caused the change.

His intelligence is immensely high in terms of martial prowess, a resourceful and tactful fighter who uses multiple fighting styles at once against his opponents. Uses clever and rather pragmatic tactics to gain an advantage over his opponents, such as using his blood to blind them. Knows how to effectively shake someone's brain with a punch positioned on the chin. Able to imagine and even interact to some extent with mental visualizations of creatures and individuals to develop new stances and techniques without them having to be physically there. At the same time, a significant portion of his time primarily spent training or fighting, much of his formal education is spent sleeping in class.

Usually, Baki never actively fights anyone weaker than himself and has no desire to hurt any of the thugs who constantly try to attack him. This version of his personality showed a huge contrast later in Grappler Baki, however, when Baki was 13. At this point in the story, Baki is a brash punk who is always looking for a fight with those he wants to prove himself to. He probably developed this attitude because of his desire to be as strong and like his father. This aspect of his personality is short-lived, however, because by the end of Baki the Grappler, Baki becomes kind and laid-back again while trying to outdo Yuujirou. Until then, he proclaims that he no longer wants to be the strongest man in the world. Yet he would be happy to be even a little stronger than his father, even claiming that if Yuujirou was the weakest man in the world, he would be happy to be just the second most vulnerable. However, when Yuujirou finally recognizes him as the strongest boy in the world, Baki begins to feel bored and detached, accepting the challenges ofMusashi Miyamoto . The second Nomi no Sukune is a way to relieve his boredom and feel attached to the world again.

Baki is also very polite to people without training or fighting, displaying refined manners, probably from being born and raised in a wealthy and luxurious family until the age of 13. Although polite, Baki can be very defiant towards his opponents to get them to fight him using all their strength. He believes that a true fighter does not need excuses, rules or conditions to fight, considering that if he wants to, he just has to do it and that's it.

His relationship with his father is very ambiguous and sad. Baki almost always talks about him with great reluctance and anger. At the same time, we can see that Baki is not indifferent to what Yuujirou thinks of him. Although they are even mortal enemies, Baki and Yuujirou can play as a team when needed (just like in the Great Chinese Tournament). They both never say it directly, but they feel a strange family bond between them, even though Baki sometimes calls his father by his name. This can be seen when Baki invites him to dinner or when they suddenly start acting out a scene where they both pretend to eat an imaginary meal together during their battle. Baki and Yuujirou seem to have strong emotions for each other, although these feelings are not usually familial. The deeper psychological aspect of their confusing relationship is best shown during their final battle in the third manga series. Furthermore, even though he wants to defeat his father, Baki respects Yuujirou's strength, openly acknowledging him as the most powerful creature in the world.Rumina Ayukawa pointed out that although he considers Yuujirou his enemy, the way Baki describes his father's strength suggests that he admires him somewhat.

He eventually develops the demon's face on his back when fighting his brother, but only for a fleeting moment. Unlike Yuujirou, he chooses to control his killing intent and fight his battles fairly and honorably, regardless of the outcome. Many of Baki's unusual training methods often earn him the admiration of many fighters in the underground arena; for example, shadowboxing, or visualizing fighting an opponent, is a big part of Baki's regimen - sometimes his visions take on an almost human form and since he can easily remember and replicate any technique he sees, this gives him a considerable advantage over his opponents, as he can "fight" them and learn their weaknesses before actually fighting them.

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Baki is a boy who is about 5'6 (167 cm) tall. Baki's appearance changes dramatically throughout the series as he ages. Baki's first initial appearance at the beginning of Grappler Baki at the age of 17 is that of a somewhat childlike demeanor, with short, long hair down his back. Throughout the series, Baki is shown to have a severely scarred body all around due to the diligent and uncompromising training he has subjected himself to, with the sole exception of his face. Another notable feature of Baki's appearance is his mole just above his upper lip on the side (a physical trait he shares with his mother, Emi Akezawa).

In the flashback, when Baki was 13, his appearance had a minor change. His hair was shorter, with a spiky style and had an orange color (probably because he was trying to look more like his father).

In the second series of manga, when Baki is 17 years old, his appearance returns to its initial version at the beginning of Grappler Baki, with a more mature look. A carefree, almost weary attitude replaces his childish behavior. His hair is now much longer, hanging down below his ears. Baki's appearance at age 18 in the third series of manga is not much different from his previous appearance in New Grappler Baki. The only changes in his appearance are that his hair is now more curly and he has reached a height of 167 cm (5'6").

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Baki Hanma

Since childhood, Baki's body has undergone intense physical training; Baki is very muscular, flexible and durable. His physique is the result of constant and rigorous combat training and is far beyond that of a typical teenager. His bones and muscles are also described as being better than those of an Olympic athlete.


Baki's strength keeps growing throughout the series. Baki's first introduction at the very beginning of the series, 17-year-old Baki was already the champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome. In the beginning, Baki was shown doing a bench press of over 320 pounds during training. In the beginning, Baki proved to be on the same level as Mount Toba, a wrestler who proved to be strong enough to easily defeat Junichi Hanada and crush his bike in the process. The 17-year-old Baki's strength grew, until he was strong enough to face Kureha Shinogi, and defeat him. As Baki keeps getting stronger throughout the series, it is difficult to set a definitive level to his strength. At the beginning of the anime, Baki, at the age of 13, managed to defeat 37 of the 100 thugs by himself. When he faced Kaoru Hanayama, he was shown to effortlessly overpower several men trying to restrain him and to easily kick Hanayama's 250-pound desk out the window. He was shown to be quick enough to catch a knife thrown at him from 15 feet away.

Baki's strength increased further during his fight with Gaia, when he learned to use his endorphins to increase his strength and speed. When he activates his endorphins, it also allows his body to react and move on its own, without his conscious effort. When 13-year-old Baki faced Yuujirou Hanma, Baki was strong enough to hold Hanayama's punches (which are powerful enough to open a fence) without damage. He was able to push Hanayama's 350-pound body 30 meters away with one punch and proved to be faster than the boxer named Yuri Chakovsky, easily dodging all his punches. Baki had enough stamina to fight for 12 hours straight with Hanayama and Yuri without stopping, while wearing a 45-pound training belt, proclaiming the 12-hour session as a warm-up.

In the second series of the manga, when Baki is 17, he showed a lot of improvement. While in gym class, Baki was shown doing 10 pull-ups in 2 seconds (breaking the pull-up bar in the process), jumping 20 feet in the air on a 20-foot split from a standing position, and breaking his arm cast. into pieces by simply flexing his arm. He was fast enough to effortlessly dodge a thug's chain gun with a rock attached to it for blunt damage, while the thug was able to swing his chain at speeds of over 100 mph. He also took a knife from another thug's hand without the thug even seeing him do it (the thug could swing his knife back and forth in his hands at speeds imperceptible to the human eye). Baki fought one of the escaped convicts, Sikorsky , and won easily by cracking his nuts. His fight was interrupted twice byBiscuit Oliva . It was shown that Baki was able to kick Oliva , who weighed 180 kg, using a back kick. Baki also fought with two escaped convicts at once, Sikorsky and Ryuukou Yanagi , and was able to defeat them easily. When Baki was poisoned by Yanagi, he participated in the Chinese tournament and cured his poison. His body was renewed and Baki remarked that his body was light as a feather. Baki easily beat Shunsei Kaku in 2 seconds without the opponent touching. It should be noted that at this point in the story, Baki can be considered one of the strongest characters in the series, his strength, speed, stamina and an arsenal of techniques being superior to most of the others (except for Yuujirou Hanma, Biscuit Oliva and Kaiou Kaku). However, Baki does not fight much throughout the rest of the second series. Baki's last fight with Mohammad Alai Jr was an easy win and Baki outclassed him effortlessly and almost killed him, until Alai Sr intervened.

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In Hanma Bakiserie, Baki decides that the only way for him to become stronger is to send himself to the same prison as Biscuit Oliva and fight him. To do this, Baki kidnapped the American president under high security just to ask to be sent to the Arizona prison to fight Oliva. To get Oliva's attention, Baki escaped from the most secure prison by dodging bullets and beating the prison guards in a split second. Even when cornered by 5 guards holding M-16s, Baki was able to remove the buttons from their uniforms and break the warden's glasses. Therefore, he was able to turn the tables on them by taking them hostage even though they had guns. Baki was finally able to fight Oliva and he hit him so hard that Oliva was sent flying. Baki was also able to get up and kick Oliva after being thrown against concrete walls and falling from the top floor of the prison. He was able to stun Oliva using the0.5 second when Oliva was about to move. Baki was able to defeat Oliva in a pure strength fight, through a fist fight until Oliva lost.

Baki was able to stand up to Pickle, while Pickle charges at Baki with the strength to rival a Triceratops. Baki was able to knock Pickle down in two moves, using a double kick to the leg and a high roundhouse kick to Pickle's face. Baki was able to endure the pain and survived a jump to the death with Pickle from the top of the kourakuen arena. Baki demonstrated his genius prowess by knocking Pickle out by gently tapping his chin. Baki was able to avoid Pickle's attacks by barely dodging them with the breath of skin. Baki also demonstrated his mastery of the five animal martial art, combining all the dinosaur styles and giving Pickle the illusion that he is more dangerous than the dinosaurs. Towards the end of the fight, Baki was able to match Pickle's speed and pushed him back. Baki challenged Pickle to an all-out fight (Aiki). However, Baki was able to instill fear in Pickle, making him the winner.

At the end of the third series, before Baki's ultimate fight with his father, Baki proves to be so strong that he can completely vaporize a punching machine pad with a casual punch. At this point, it is safe to assume that Baki may be the second strongest character in the series (being equal or superior to Kaku Kaiou). However, it has been shown that Baki was always vastly inferior to Yuujirou until Baki's demon back activated. When Baki's demon appeared in his fight with Yuujirou, it proved to be powerful enough to actually hurt Yuujirou (this being something that no other character had been able to do). Baki ends up losing to Yuujirou when they have a punch until one falls, although there is still enough difference between them that Yuujirou is able to stop and let Baki attack him, as Baki is no longer able to fight effectively due to injuries and exhaustion. However, Yuujirou admits in the end that he can no longer be called the only strongest creature alive, as Baki is worthy of being considered Yuujirou's equal because he forced him to try harder than he had in the past.

The hand-to-hand combat techniques used by Baki are also varied in nature. Which are developed and expanded throughout the series, his fighting style is clearly mixed martial arts incorporating movements from various doctrines this would be mainly karate and professional wrestling, and in his minority judo, kempo, jujutsu, this includes both original movements and movements of his previous rivals and opponents obtained through his training, creativity and experience. He is known for his unusual training methods which include ghost boxing while imagining that his next opponent is actually with him. This allows him to anticipate his opponent's every move in the actual fight and also helps him spot his weaknesses well before the fight. Although he cannot master any fighting style instantly like his father.

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Baki Hanma


Endorphin - used against Gaia for the first time.
Death Concentration - used against Yasha-Zaru for the first time.
Ippon Ken - used against Kaoru Hanayama.
Rear Naked Choke - used against Kuraishi and Yuujirou Hanma, for example.
Roll Kick - used against Kurokawa and Yuujirou Hanma.
Bow and arrow - used once against Atsushi Suedou.
Seiken - basic karate technique; used once against Koushou Shinogi.
Armlock - one of Baki's signature moves from the first series; used against Koushou Shinogi for the first time.
Kinteki Geri - used against Doppo Orochi and Zulu.
Suplex - used against Mount Toba, for example.
Goutaijutsu - powerful fighting move based on the seiken of karate; used against Kureha Shinogi for the first time, and later against Biscuit Oliva.
Enzuigiri - used against Kanji Igari.
New Cobra - Baki's original move; used against Kanji Igari.
One-legged figure-four - also Baki's original move; used against Kanji Igari.
New Swastika - another original technique of Baki; used against Kanji Igari.
Backdrop - used against Kanji Igari, for example.
Antonio Driver - original Igari move; used once against Kanji Igari.
Spinning Lotus - used against Kaiou Retsu and Jack Hanma.
Soccer Ball Kick - used once against Jack Hanma.
Shining Wizard - used once against Jack Hanma.
Cord-Cut - involves cutting a nerve of an opponent; used once against Jack Hanma.
Mach Punch - an extremely fast punch executed using a progressive movement of the big toe, ankle, knee, hip, waist, shoulder, elbow and wrist; used once against Jack Hanma.
Arm Breaker - the original Igari move; used once against Jack Hanma.
Front Neck-Lock - used against Jack Hanma.
Demon Face - used once against Jack Hanma.
Backhand Kick - used once against Sikorsky.
Ax Kick - used once against Sikorsky.
Whip Strike - the user relaxes the whole body and treats it like a whip; used against Ryuukou Yanagi, Pickle and Yuujirou Hanma.
Yawara - used once against Kaiou Ri.
0.5 seconds of unconsciousness - special skill of Baki; used against Biscuit Oliva and Yuujirou Hanma.
Slap - used once against Pickle.
Triceratops Fist - used against Pickle and Yuujirou Hanma.
Cockroach Dash - used against Chiharu Shiba and Yuujirou Hanma, for example.
Hand Pocket - used once against Yuujirou Hanma.
King Tiger - used against Shuumei Kanou for the first time, later used against Yuujirou Hanma.
Aiki - used against Yuujirou Hanma.
Jab - used against Musashi Miyamoto and Honoo.
Three level attack - used against Musashi Miyamoto.
Ultra High Level Sen no Sen - used in his fight with Musashi Miyamoto

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