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Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari is one of the students of Second A of Yuei High School. He plans to become a professional hero.

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Denki is a teenager with fairly short blond hair and has a black lightning bolt on the left side of his hair. His eyes are yellow and his eyebrows are small and thin. Denki is a little thinner than most of the other boys in his class.

He always wears his Yuei High School uniform during school hours, with the second button on the jacket undone.

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When he wears his hero costume, Denki wears a white t-shirt, over which he wears an open black jacket with white lightning bolts drawn on it. He also wears black pants with vertical white lines on each leg. He wears a small radio on his right ear, which is used to call for help in case of need.

Later, his hero costume is improved; he now wears a shorter black jacket with a white lightning bolt on the collar and two more on the bottom of the jacket. Two white lightning bolts surrounded by yellow are also on his shoulders. He still wears black pants but these only have a small white zigzag. He wears a white belt and a V-neck t-shirt. Around his right wrist, he wears a bracelet with a circular mechanism that has pointers that help him control the trajectory of his electricity. He also wears blue glasses that allow him to always know where his pointers are. He also wears a black choker around his neck. His radio is smaller and has changed color. It is now black.


Denki is a friendly, energetic and sociable boy who likes to hang out with people. He seems to be quite casual when talking to others, especially with Katsuki Bakugo. Denki can sometimes be brash and very direct in his words, but they are never mean.

Denki likes to "flirt" with the girls in his class (and even in other classes), trying to pass himself off as a charmer. However, his advances are ignored and often rejected. He is also slightly mischievous, joining in pranks sometimes. Overall, Denki wants to appear to want to be cool but doesn't really know how to do it. He is easily influenced by what is popular at the time.

My Hero Academia : 15 Faits à connaître à propos de Denki Kaminari

Denki is not very bright when it comes to his schooling, asking for help when it comes to studying, due to his neglect of his homework. He doesn't seem to show much interest when he is in class, he gets bored easily and becomes anxious when tests come up. Despite this, Denki can show surprising knowledge of certain subjects such as literature, music and art. His lack of overall wit makes him look like a fool in front of others, often being mocked, especially by Kyoka.

Denki quickly becomes distraught when he finds himself in stressful situations. During combat situations, he easily gives in to panic, which leads him to use his alter accidentally. He avoids using his power when allies are around him, not wanting to hurt them with his lightning. When Denki is assured that his allies are safe, he is more confident in using his Alter and his fighting abilities. Denki can't stand to see his classmates disrespected and will not hesitate to defend them if necessary.

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When Denki exceeds his electrical power limit, he loses all ability to discharge energy and goes into "idiot" mode, losing all brain power for a period of time until he returns to normal. When in this state, Denki gives a thumbs up and moves his arms back and forth, letting others know that he is okay.

Skills and Competencies

Electricity: When using his Alter, Denki has no choice but to electrocute everyone around him, since he cannot direct his electricity. He can store this energy in his body and then release it. If he misuses his power, his brain short-circuits and he becomes debilitated for an hour. Later, Mei Hatsume will create a gadget for him to control the trajectory of his electricity.

Denki Kaminari/Historia | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom

Special Techniques

Universal Discharge! 1,300,000 Volts: (130 Musabetsu Hōden 130-man Boruto ): Denki can unleash a huge amount of electricity and electrify everyone within his reach.
Universal Discharge! 2,000,000 Volts: Denki is able to increase the power of his shock to 2 million volts, though this causes his brain to short-circuit faster.

Tactical Intelligence: Despite the fact that Denki is not one of the most intelligent of his class, he seems to possess a certain degree of tactical and strategic skills. During joint training, he devised a strategy to defeat Ibara Shiozaki, one of the strongest students in class B. Having learned from his previous fight with her in the Yuei High School Championship that her brambles are immune to her electricity, Denki agreed to serve as a decoy and to be the only one in his team to be captured. He then generated enough electricity to attract the attention of the other team. Denki's plan allowed Shinso Hitoshi to use his Alter on Ibara discreetly, while Asui Tsuyu captured her and overpowered Rin Hiryu, defeating Jurota Shishida. In general, this allowed Denki to lead his team to victory and was impressive when the situation allowed it.

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Communication Earpiece: Denki has an earpiece on his right ear that allows him to carry his electricity and create electrical communication signals. This earpiece allows him to communicate with other frequencies that are far away. However, these signals can be blocked by external electrical interference.
Denki wears on his right forearm a gadget in the shape of a disc with pointers. This contains a dial that allows Denki to choose the pointer he wants to use.

Pointers: There are three of them. When Denki releases his electricity, it goes with the selected pointer. The maximum operating distance is 10 meters.

Otic Viewer: An accessory that is very similar to glasses and that allows Denki to know where the pointer will aim.


  • In the preliminary sketches of the manga, Denki's design was radically different from the current one. He looked more like a villain with longer and thornier hair. He was not yet known as Denki Kaminari but as a simple electric Alter user
  • Denki's known data in Yuei is as follows.
  • Student #7 in class A.
  • Ranked 16th during Shota Aizawa's Alter apprehension test.
  • Ranked last in the class.
  • His last name consists of the kanji for "top" (上), "sound" (鳴) and is read as kaminari (かみなり), the word for "lightning, thunder" (雷). His first name is written and read as "electricity" (電気).
  • Denki likes burgers and trendy things.
  • According to Horikoshi, Denki's initial role is to tie the class together.
  • He also says that Denki is fun to draw but can't draw her hair consistently.
  • Denki's black lightning bolt hair strand is a natural color.
  • Denki hates salty rice liquor.

Denki Kaminari | Wiki Boku no Hero Academia | Fandom


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