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Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, "The Strongest Man in the World", also considered to be the "closest man to One Piece", was the captain of Whitebeard's Crew. Whitebeard was one of the Four Emperors during his lifetime, and was killed in the Battle of Marine Ford by his former subordinate Marshall D. Teach (and his crew).


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There he symbolically represented both by his mere presence all the free Pirates including the Emperors, the New World, Roger's old era and his own that had ended and the new difficult one that was beginning by being one of his first major victims. He knew the meaning of the will of the D. His last words were to predict that one person will challenge the whole world, a war even bigger than the one in Marineford will come and to finally declare that the One Piece really exists. He is the first protagonist of the Marineford Arc before Luffy in second and Ace in third.


When he was young, he had no scars on his chest and wore a dark gray jacket and a bandana. As for his mustache, it was non-existent... Later, he grew a specially groomed mustache, which gave him his future epithet: Whitebeard. When he was 52 years old, he wore a blue and yellow pirate hat with his Jolly Roger on it. This hat was on a red and black bandana, both of which were placed on top of his blonde hair that he had at the time.

Whitebeard was abnormally tall for a human, 3 times the normal size of an adult human. Unlike some giant humans, he was well proportioned. He had a large, long head, wrinkled due to his advanced age with several wrinkles around his eyes, and he was very muscular. His biceps muscles in particular seemed to grow even larger when he used his demon fruit. He had several scars on the front of his chest, one in particular caused by Gol D. Roger. Like all his men, he had his own Jolly Roger tattooed on his back. In the Manga, his eyes are brown, but in the anime, they appear to be yellow.

He wore a bandana around his head, and was always seen shirtless, and in light clothing. He had a pair of pants tucked inside his big black boots. When he wasn't fighting, Whitebeard had an oxygen tube attached to several medical sensors, as his health was worsening due to his old age.

In the Manga, after Akainu threw his "Meigou" at him, he lost the left part of his face (he only loses his moustache in the anime), he was also injured (by Akainu again) on his chest. However, during the 72 years of his life, he never received a single wound in his back, a sign that he always faced his opponents and never ran away from a fight.


Edward Newgate, in his youth, appeared to be a happy and carefree person. While his companions were interested in wealth and treasure, he wanted to have a family, for he considered this his greatest treasure. He never stole the treasures of his enemies.

His reign over the sea, his reputation and his power gave him total confidence in his strength and no fear (so much so that he considered admirals, privateer captains or even his rival emperors as mere annoyances rather than real threats). At first glance, he seemed unable to take notice of the remarks or advice of others (that he might be drinking too much or that he should watch out for Blackbeard and bring him back before it was too late), which got him into trouble later. Later, he showed that he was much less impulsive than he let on and that he was a thoughtful man. The decisions he made that seemed to be stupid and meaningless were actually very well thought out and had a purpose (his grand declaration that the island of the fishmen belonged to him caused him to scare off other pirates or people wanting to attack the island, and his saying that Blackbeard deserved punishment for breaking the golden rule of the crew was actually a cover for Ace leaving against Whitebeard's wishes). He has no scars or wounds on his back, a sign that he never ran away from the fight. Even though people saw him as someone with a huge ego, he was in fact aware that he was a normal human being and that his life would end sooner or later and that the lives of young people were the key to the future.

He loved to talk about the past. The first thing he talked about with Shanks, when the latter visited him to ask him to protect Ace, was the past, and when he saw Baggy during the war, he remembered parts of the past.

Given his sometimes aggressive nature, one way to appease him is to bring him a (high quality and very expensive) drink during the conversation, as his former visitors such as Shanks, Roger and Shiki did. However, this does not guarantee complete cooperation from the pirate, considering the nature of these conversations.

Whitebeard had no fear and knew perfectly well the power of his crew. When he arrived at Marine Ford, he was not at all afraid of the army he was up against and even smiled. He doesn't flinch when Mihawk or Kizaru attack him, but just smiles, because he knows that one of his teammates will come to save him.

A special feature of the character's nature is his moral code. He never forgives the death of one of his sons. He believes that a man cannot live without a moral code. The ultimate proof of his sense of righteousness and evil is that he declared war on the world government to save Ace. However, he was forced to act against his moral code at times. When Ace wanted to avenge the death of Satch caused by Blackbeard, Newgate tried to convince Ace not to go, because he had a bad feeling about this one.

Like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard believed that a child should not be held responsible for the actions of his parents, and he told Squardo that Ace should not be held responsible for the deaths of Squardo's original crew members, killed by Roger.

He was extremely lucid and also a visionary as he predicted a war of rare magnitude in the future with his knowledge of the past and present worlds.


Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)




Whitebeard considers every member who joins his crew and his allies as his sons. His deep desire to have a family goes back even before he founded his crew. It goes back to when he was young, on a ship with an unknown crew. He said that the thing he wanted most was not money or treasure, but a family.

The only person on his crew that Whitebeard did not address as a son was Oden, whom he instead called "little brother."

Any member of Whitebeard's crew who kills another crew member must be punished by another crew member. They were being chased by a commander from their former division. The fact that Newgate was against the killing of a fellow crew member was based on the fact of his paternal connection to each member of the crew. In response to this family treatment, the crew called him, "Dad" or "Old Man. It is important to note that Whitebeard did not force commanders to go after traitors on his crew if he had a bad feeling about the situation. The best example is Blackbeard. Even though Whitebeard advised him not to chase Blackbeard, Ace insisted in honor of his father.

It was not blind loyalty that Whitebeard was willing to go to war with the world government to save Ace. In addition, Whitebeard took full responsibility for the actions of his crew and kept an iron hand back outside appearance for non-crew members, falsely claiming to outsiders that he ordered Ace to go hunt down Blackbeard. In battle, while this unbreakable bond between him and his crew stood, Whitebeard's subordinates knew better than anyone that it was best not to get in the way of their captain.

Marco had a very strong bond with Whitebeard. During the Battle of Marine Ford, Marco was by Newgate's side almost all the time in the early stages of the battle. Marco was also the first and only teammate who rushed to Whitebeard's aid, after Squardo's sword strike, he immediately went to Edward's side. Later, Marco tried to help his captain in the fight against Blackbeard, but finally received the order not to intervene.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)


Whitebeard is allied with a number of pirate crews, whose captains are :

  • Ninth
    Mc Guy called "The Thunderlord
    Whitey Bay called "The Ice Witch
    Doma called "The Knight Errant
    Squardo called "The Whirling Spider
    The Decalvan Brothers
    Great Michael
    Little Oars. Jr.

These are the captains of the New World, so their power is not negligible.

Relationships with other crews

Whitebeard has powerful allies such as Doma, Squardo, Oars Junior... His strength and that of his allies make him a feared and respected man.

Pirates of the New World

Whitebeard has very powerful allies in the new world. His fleet expanded at Marine Ford to over 43 ships. This suggests the charisma and power of Whitebeard to have gathered so many powerful allies.


According to him, in the prison talking with Ace, Jinbe appreciates Whitebeard because he is the protector of his island, which was submerged by the wave of piracy. He often visited him by sea (so that the World Government would not know that he had relations with Whitebeard, which could put his position as Grand Corsair in danger).

Monkey D. Luffy

He discovered Luffy's unshakeable will during the battle of Marine Ford. He considered him the heir of the Will of the D, after seeing his strength and his will to save his brother at the risk of his own life.

Shanks Le Roux

He considers him a kid, having seen him fight when he was still a member of Roger's crew. He calls him a "youngster" or "Carrot Top" whenever he sees him or receives a letter from him. During his visit, Whitebeard will be so upset when Shanks asks him a request that he will attack him. However, the relationship between the two is ambiguous. One can assume that he respects him in spite of everything.


Gol D. Roger

Thirty-eight years ago, Roger joined forces with Garp to defeat Rocks, which disbanded his crew, which included Whitebeard. He and Gol D. Roger attacked each other so often that Whitebeard knew every person on his old enemy's crew. According to Whitebeard, Roger had inflicted several scars on him, the pain of which he remembers whenever he sees Shanks. Whitebeard still respected Roger. At the end of his life, Roger even offered to tell him how to get to Rough-Tell, but he refused because he wasn't interested. Instead, Whitebeard asked Roger about the meaning of the "D." in some people's names, which the Pirate Lord gladly revealed to him.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Kaido and Big Mom

Decades ago, Kaido, Whitebeard and Big Mom were all part of the Rocks crew. Thirty-eight years ago, their crew disbanded after a defeat by Garp and Roger. None of them have talked about this story since so only a few Navy veterans know about it, until Sengoku reveals everything to several Navy soldiers.

The World Government and the Navy

He considers them his worst enemies.

The prisoners of Impel Down

Many of those sentenced to Hell on Impel Down level 6 seem to have a grudge against Whitebeard. No doubt he has inflicted many defeats on many famous pirates around the world, and they are just waiting for a chance to take their revenge, including Crocodile and the new members of Blackbeard.

Marshall D. Teach

During his long reign on the seas, Whitebeard made many enemies, both marines and pirates, and many would like to boast about his death. Nevertheless, the one who will be remembered is Marshall D. Teach alias "Blackbeard" ex-member of Whitebeard's crew, who killed a captain of Whitebeard's fleet (Satch) in order to seize the Yami Yami no Mi, who captured Ace and handed him over to the navy and who seized Whitebeard's power during the battle of Marine Ford.

Skills and Competencies

The most powerful man in the world

During his lifetime, Edward Newgate was considered the strongest man in the world as well as the closest man to One Piece. He was a terrible pirate, feared by all. His rank of Emperor was not usurped; in fact, Whitebeard demonstrated enormous physical strength during the Marine Ford war. He died standing up, his tattoo intact. The only one who could compete with him was Gol D. Roger, that's all. He never lost his superbness until his death. Indeed, his body remained standing as a vestige after he was killed by Marshall D. Teach and his new crew.

Despite his pirate status, Whitebeard's name exudes such an aura that he protects many islands around the world, including Fishman Island.

It is also worth noting that Whitebeard, despite his age, his illness, caused tremors that were felt throughout the world. He was able to block Admiral Borsalino (Kizaru) and prevent him from moving. After the many wounds he received during the war, he managed to defeat Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu), in only two moves. However, he lost half of his face during the confrontation with the magma Admiral (only in the manga) too busy protecting his crew (his "sons"). When, in comparison, his most powerful Commanders, as well as Crocodile, didn't manage to defeat Akainu, but only to stop him. Moreover, Sengoku, the Chief Admiral of the Navy, also feared Whitebeard and recognized in him that he is the strongest man in the world and that he has the power to destroy the world (including the Navy). In all, he took repeated attacks from Admirals and other Marines before dying from accumulated damage, despite his illness, advanced age and the many wounds he accumulated at Marine Ford, he fought to his last breath and died standing. Edward Newgate remained, until death, the strongest man in the world.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

He is also intelligent as he was able to survive alone as a child and orphan and build a huge armada and territories on his own. Moreover, he knows the hidden secrets of this world.

Physical abilities

Whitebeard had superhuman physical strength. He stopped a giant Galleon with one hand while it was running, and he could easily take the giants by force. He could also jump very high despite his size and weight. He also had an extraordinary stamina and vitality despite his old age. Whitebeard still fought even after having his internal organs burned out and half his face torn off. Finally, during the war at the top, he survived on the battlefield 267 sword blows, 152 bullets, 46 cannon shots, two huge holes on his torso and all this added to his serious heart disease; none of his wounds were on his back because never in his life had he run away from a confrontation.

Fruit of the Demon

Whitebeard ate a Paramecia Demon Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, which gave him the ability to split the air and anything in front of his attack; he could cause Tsunamis and Earthquakes, grabbing the air with his fingers and could also slice through very large portions of land and sea causing them to sway. By combining this ability with his Bisento, he could also make sharp attacks. According to Sengoku, his fruit is able to destroy the world. We can notice that he is one of the only characters of One Piece not to give a name to his techniques. This power is very powerful:

  • He can create waves in the air that can split anything: buildings, rocks, air. He can even knock down John Giant, a vice admiral, with a single earthquake. His waves can pass through the entire Marine Ford and can still do great damage despite the distance.
  • His power can also control the earth, which can turn Marine Ford on his side, making his opponents lose their balance and he can take advantage of this to hit them. With this, he can create gigantic tidal waves that can destroy the world, which caused Sengoku to worry.
  • He can transmit his earthquake power to his Bisento and he can do huge damage that can sweep away dozens of high ranking Marines.
  • He can make earthquake bubbles around someone's head as it was the case for Vice Admiral Ronse and Marshall D. Teach.

His tremors also allow him to resist Aokiji's freezing and were felt all over the world. Moreover, Teach, who does not master the fruit, caused Tsunamis as far as the Sabaody Archipelago.


Edward Newgate's weapon of choice is revealed to be a Bisento, a huge Japanese halberd. It is a sharp weapon, measuring his height, that is to say almost 5 meters. By concentrating his Haki in his Bisento, Whitebeard can send dozens of opponents flying with a single blow.

With Whitebeard's enormous powers and fighting skills, the Bisento is a fearsome and quite powerful weapon. As a proof, this one allows him to compete with Shanks' sword, which caused an atmospheric tear in the sky during their exchange of blows.

Also, the Bisento is very resistant, as it managed to stop Akainu's magma attacks without being melted, or John Giant's two-handed charge without shaking. Bisento can also be used in conjunction with his demon fruit powers to maximize the devastation done by his attacks or even be impregnated with Haki to hurt Logia Demon Fruit users.


Whitebeard mastered all three colors of Haki perfectly. His highly developed mastery of Observation Haki is demonstrated in the flashbacks with Ace, Whitebeard could easily counter him while he was sleeping, however during the war at the top this ability seems to have diminished since Squardo will hit him with an attack that Marco will judge easily dodgeable by Whitebeard. It also seems that he was able to put his weapon's Haki in his Bisento, with that he can destroy ships or even small villages. Whitebeard has used his weapon's haki on the Admirals several times. Fossa informs that Whitebeard has the Haki of Kings during the Battle of Marineford. Newgate uses it when he meets Gol D. Roger during his journey and they clash.


Whitebeard's past

Childhood and youth in piracy

Newgate was born 74 years ago on Sphinx, an island in the New World. His childhood country was too poor to be accepted as a member of the World Government. Newgate grew up an orphan and became a pirate at a young age so he could send money back to his childhood home with the treasure he had accumulated.

He was a pirate crew member under his real name, "Newgate", and although he brought back treasure he preferred to look for a family first.

Almost 40 years ago, Whitebeard was on the same pirate ship as Bakkin, who claims to have had a child, Edward Weeble, with him at that time.

Some time after that, he joined Rocks' Crew but eventually left after the God Valley incident and then 33 years ago, he formed his own pirate crew, Whitebeard's Crew.

Thirty years ago, Whitebeard and his crew were shipwrecked in the Land of Wa. They met Kozuki Oden and he asked to join his crew after a brief confrontation with Whitebeard.

Afterwards, Whitebeard and his crew enjoyed themselves with Oden and his minions. Oden kept asking to join them and then being refused. Two weeks later, Whitebeard's pirates tried to leave Oden behind, but he caught up with them and hung on to a chain that he tied to the ship. Izo also grabbed onto Oden and was pulled along with him. After pulling Izo onto the ship, Whitebeard gave Oden a test. If he could hold the chain for three days, he would be allowed into the crew. Just as Oden had only ten minutes left, he heard a woman in trouble and let go, drifting to an island. The next day, Whitebeard found Oden and a woman named Toki facing Karma and his crew. Whitebeard defeated Karma and finally allowed Oden to rejoin his crew. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who had stowed away on Whitebeard's ship, also joined the crew.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Two years after Oden's arrival, Whitebeard decided to divide his crew into divisions and appointed Oden commander of the second division. Some time later, he met Marshall D. Teach, a young orphan, and accepted his request to join the Whitebeard Pirates. About two years later, the Whitebeard Pirates arrived on an island and noticed a commotion that frightened even the animals.

After Oden confronted Roger's Pirates and was swept away by their captain, Whitebeard and Roger clashed. The two crews fought for three days. After the battle, the crews formed a truce and exchanged gifts. Roger informed Oden and Whitebeard of his intention to reach the last island on the Grand Line and asked to borrow Oden for a year. Although Whitebeard did not fully agree, Oden decided to join Roger. Whitebeard expressed his displeasure after Oden separated from his crew. He later discovered that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi had also followed Oden.

Discussion with Gol D. Roger

Shortly before Roger's execution, the two men discussed over a cup of sake. Roger revealed details about the One Piece, the D., and told his rival that he was seriously ill and would soon die.Liberation of Fishman Island

Following the Great Wave of Piracy that followed the death of the Pirate King, the Island of the Fishmen, a necessary passage for all pirates wanting to go to the new world, was greatly affected and sacked. To put an end to this, Whitebeard declared that he and Neptune had exchanged a cup of sake as a token of friendship and that no one should attack his friends. The island was therefore a territory under his protection.

Past of Ace/White Beard

When the then 17-year-old Portgas D. Ace left Luffy to become a pirate, he quickly became very famous. He created his own crew, the Spade Pirate Crew, and declined an invitation to join the Shichibukai order. He caused trouble wherever he went, which contributed greatly to his popularity. These facts reached the ears of Edward Newgate who seemed amused that a rookie with so much potential had appeared on the Grand Line. He asked Satch why young people always needed to be in such a hurry. Ace had decided that if he wanted to make the world aware of his strength, he had to kill the man known as the most powerful in the world. When he found the location of Whitebeard, Ace had an unexpected encounter with another warlord, Jinbe. The Fishman said that he was not a member of Whitebeard's pirates himself, but that he felt it was his duty to stop a kid with murderous ideas from getting near Edward Newgate. After 5 days of hard fighting, the two collapsed exhausted. That's when Whitebeard's huge ship appeared.

On top of the ship, Whitebeard asked where the kid was who wanted to take his head. He said that since Ace wanted him to, he would come and fight in person. When he got close to Ace and the Spade pirates, he used the Haki of Kings to make all the other pirates get thrown into the air, except Ace. Ace got up and used Enjoumo. He created a ring of fire around himself and his opponent so that his crew could flee. Newgate asked if he was going to flee as well, but Ace replied that he was letting his comrades go and would fight in their place. The emperor smiled and said that the young pirate was indeed a cheeky one. Ace launched himself at Whitebeard and he too attacked. A short time later, Ace was seen lying on the ground in front of Edward Newgate, standing without a scratch. All around them, the ground was destroyed and the rocks completely shattered. As Ace tried to get up, Whitebeard laughed when he saw that Ace still wanted to fight. He said that he would not like to see him die here. He added that if he still wanted to fight, the thing to do was to take the mark of Whitebeard and fight in his name and travel freely at sea. Edward Newgate held out his hand and asked him to become his son. Ace could not believe his eyes and fainted. Later, when Ace was on Whitebeard's ship, he tried to kill him many times and, according to Vista, he probably surrendered 100 times, to no avail. After Marco suggested that he stop trying to kill the old man and realized that it was impossible, Ace agreed to join the crew. He was so popular that he ended up being the candidate to become the 2nd commander of Whitebeard's crew. One night, he asked Whitebeard if he could talk to him. After some discussion, the Emperor laughed and said that when his future commander came to him to talk about something important, he thought it was more important than that. Newgate seemed more or less surprised by the fact that Ace was the son of Gol D. Roger, but mostly he said that "we can't be responsible for the crimes committed by our parents. Anyway, we are all sons of the ocean." Following this, Ace was officially appointed commander of the 2nd division of Whitebeard, which the whole crew celebrated with great pomp.

At some point, Ace spoke with Whitebeard about the war with Kaido to free Wano. Although he learned of Oden's death many years after it happened, Whitebeard never agreed to this request, fearing that it would cause casualties and that many would lose their lives.

Some time later, Satch found a Demon Fruit, the Yami Yami no Mi, the Fruit of Darkness. This fruit was the most wanted thing in the world by Marshall D. Teach, so he killed the commander of the 4th division in order to get his find. Once this was done, he fled knowing what would happen to him if he was caught by Whitebeard. Ace wanted to go after him because Teach was a man from his division and if he didn't avenge Satch, Satch would never rest in peace. Newgate, strangely enough, said he would let it go this time only because he had a bad feeling about it. Despite the fact that this was a direct order from his captain, Ace still went in search of his former fellow pirate.


Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)



Saga CP9

Discussion with Shanks the redhead

When Shanks learned that Ace was looking for the man called Blackbeard, one of the redhead's pirates, Rockstar, was on the Moby Dick to deliver a letter from Shanks to Whitebeard. Edward Newgate seemed insulted that Shanks would pass a message to him through another person, as if he now thought he was important enough not to come and meet people in person. He tore up the letter, saying he probably knew what Shanks wanted to talk to him about. Rockstar asked him if he knew what he had just done, clearly alarmed. He said it was about Shanks. The old captain said that he was Whitebeard and that if Shanks wanted to talk to him, he had better come himself and bring some good sake.

After the events of Enies Lobby caused by the Straw Hat Crew, the World Government learned that in the New World, Whitebeard and Shanks were going to communicate, the Council of Five Elders was stunned. On the Moby Dick, Marco told the weaker-minded pirates to retreat, because Shanks' Haki of Kings is very powerful, causing half the ship to lose consciousness.

When Marco criticized him for messing with his Fluid, Shanks offered to join his crew, but he strongly refused. Whitebeard told his men to leave the bridge to be alone with Shanks, and he gave Whitebeard some of his country's medicinal alcohol, which Whitebeard appreciated.

The two Emperors talked a little about their past after Roger's death, remembering Baggy in particular, but Shanks wanted to talk seriously and said that the three scars on his eye, which made him famous, were still hurting him. This scar was caused by Marshall D. Teach and he knows that Ace is still after him. He asked Whitebeard to stop Ace. The Redhead added that he knew Ace was a man he could trust, but he didn't have to go fight Teach just yet. He said that men like Teach are always hungry for power. That he might even dare to come and take on the old man. Whitebeard began to laugh as he asked him if he was aware of what Teach had done; killing one of his own crew is the golden rule on any crew in existence. If he didn't know, it was his duty to teach him, no matter how violently. Shanks drew his sword, saying that there is no way to avoid a fight. He added that this era would soon change. Whitebeard told him that this was not enough to scare him, because his name is Whitebeard. Pulling out his bisento, he attacked Shanks. Their confrontation caused the sky to split in two.

Saga War at the Top

Arrival in Marineford

During the Battle of Marine Ford, Whitebeard arrived on the scene after his allies, but unexpectedly, he arrived underwater in the middle of Marine Ford harbor. He was accompanied by his commanders and his 4 main ships. Newgate went up to the front of his boat, laughed and said he hoped his beloved son was doing well. He also told Ace to wait a moment while the captain got into position. He struck a pose and suddenly broke an invisible wall with both arms. Huge waves appeared immediately and disappeared into the distance just as quickly. Ace shouted that it was his fault and that they should let him die. It was because he had been irresponsible and had not listened to orders that he was there. Whitebeard said that it was he who had ordered him to leave. Ace denied it and shouted that Whitebeard had tried to stop him, but Whitebeard cut him off and said that it was he who had asked him to go and find Teach.

He turned to Marco and asked him if this was true. Marco said that it was true and that he had been in trouble because of them. He added that the whole ocean should know what happens when someone touches a hair on Whitebeard's crew. One of the Navy soldiers noted that the water level had risen strangely. The wind seemed to be very strong and it destabilized all the members of the Navy. An earthquake shook Marine Ford. Garp said that the earthquake he had made earlier had come back in a gigantic tsunami. He said that the man who ate the Gura Gura no Mi was, Whitebeard, Edward Newgate. Sengoku reminded the Marines that they were outnumbered, but that this should not be taken as a certain victory and that it was possible that the Navy would meet an end here, adding that the man who was facing them had the power to destroy the world. Before the tsunami devastated the entire headquarters, Admiral Aokiji froze the two giant waves with his power. He also tried to attack Whitebeard, but Newgate broke the air and Aokiji fell into the water, freezing the entire pool of water and creating an ice battle zone. A little later, Dracule Mihawk attacked the old man with a green blade of air coming out of his sword, announcing that he wanted to know the gap between them. Edward stood still and smiled. While the pirates were worried about their captain, the commanders seemed unconcerned about the situation. The 3rd Division commander, Joz, blocked Mihawk's air blade easily and sent him flying. Whitebeard smiled, pleased with his commander. It was at this point that a second Admiral entered the war, Borsalino, better known as Kizaru. This Admiral said that he knew that the Whitebeard commanders all had monstrous power. He stood up and looked at the battlefield and said that in order to keep the casualty level down, they should attack the head and kill it quickly. He turned into light and went to attack leaving only one admiral sitting on their thrones, Sakazuki. In front of the Moby Dick, a blinding light appeared. The pirates were very surprised by this sudden light. The pirates shouted that it was Kizaru. Whitebeard only squinted a little and said that it was really clear. Borsalino attacked with : Yasakami no Magatama beads of light by miles came towards the pirate.

Once again, Whitebeard did not move. He knew that he didn't need to, because, Marco arrived and entered the attack of Kizaru at full speed. Whitebeard continued to smile as Joz picked up a huge block of ice and threw it at the giants and at the same time at the scaffold. However, the last Admiral of the Navy, Akainu, entered the scene and destroyed the ice block with his magma arm. He caused his giant arm to turn into a shower of volcanic stones. One of the stones fell towards Whitebeard, who blocked it with his Bisento. He extinguished the flame with his breath. He suggested to Akainu to go light candles on a party cake instead of thinking he was cool with his magma. Akainu laughed and answered him by asking him if he didn't like lighted funerals. The Navy attacks were increasing, but the pirates were not to be underestimated. The commanders were blocking the giants as well as the cannonballs while the navy was dealing with the soldiers. Then Oars Jr. arrived, a descendant of Oars, a monster even bigger than the giants. Whitebeard did not seem to express much about the arrival of the colossus. However, the pirates could not hide their joy. The monster passed through the blockaded ships, but Whitebeard was visibly upset. Although there was no way to stop him, he told the monster that there is a difference between being a hero and committing suicide. Oars asked him not to stop him because he wanted to save Ace-kun as soon as possible. Whitebeard said he understood that. He ordered his men to give Oars support. Finally, when Oars was tricked and beaten, Whitebeard became angry.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Ronse took the chance that perhaps the old man was keeping his guard down, took his axe and tried to attack him, but, Whitebeard broke a wall in front of the giant, which broke the latter's axe. As the vice admiral fell, his coat collar was pulled down with the rest of his body by Whitebeard. He took the giant by the head and put a bubble around it, which he blew up, destroying the marine's head. He then threw the body to the ground. When Luffy and his team of Impel Down prisoners arrived at Marine Ford, Crocodile tried to kill Whitebeard, who told him that he never learned.

However, Luffy stopped Crocodile from killing Whitebeard. After that, Whitebeard noticed that it was Shanks' hat that the young pirate was wearing. Thus, the strongest man in the world recognized Monkey D. Luffy, Ace's little brother, whom Ace had told him about. He asked him if he had come to save his brother. Luffy answered that he had, to which Whitebeard asked him if he was aware of those he was opposing. He added that a kid like him had no business being on a battlefield like this. Luffy yelled at him to shut up because it wasn't up to him, he knew very well that what Whitebeard wanted was to become the king of the pirates, unfortunately, the one who would become the king of the pirates would be him. Whitebeard, with a threatening look, took his gun and started to spin it, hitting him on his boat. He smiled and called him a spoiled brat and said he better not slow him down. Afterwards, Luffy told Newgate that the Navy was planning to move up Ace's execution. Whitebeard asked him if that was what he had heard. Luffy said that it was what he had heard and that, since he too wanted to save Ace, it would be good for him to know. Whitebeard thanked him for the information and apologized for his attitude earlier. Luffy accepted his apology and told him not to worry about it. A little later, he had a discussion with Baggy the clown and convinced him to join him.

A little later, Whitebeard had a discussion with Squardo, he announced that he was going to take part in the battle. However, Squardo took advantage of this moment to skewer the old man. Whitebeard sees that his son has been tricked by Akainu and forgives him for his act because of his grudge against Roger. The man then declares that it is completely stupid to have said that he could have betrayed his own sons. He broke the two waves that Aokiji had frozen and he declared that if they are pirates, they have to decide what to do by themselves. However, those who will stay, they must give everything to save Ace. Then, he moved towards the battlefield. He raised his gun and pointed at Ace. This was what the pirates were waiting for. They all ran to the scaffold.

Suddenly, a giant arrived and swept away most of the pirates. John Giant, the giant, swung a huge sword at him. However, this had no effect on the pirate who blocked the blow easily. Newgate just said that the marine was blocking his way. Then, Whitebeard decided to topple the whole island with his power. He took advantage of John's imbalance to inflict a decisive blow and continued his advance across the battlefield. The jolt that he caused on John does not stop and continues in the direction of the scaffold but the three Admirals deflect it with a kind of grouped fluid. A gigantic steel wall then rises around the bay, blocking the pirates. Meanwhile, Akainu threw lava fists into the sky which fell and destroyed the ships, killing several pirates & marines. One of the fire fists crashed into the Moby Dick, destroying it. Whitebeard's pirates screamed that this ship had been carrying the crew for years. Whitebeard turned around and said, looking at his burning ship, that he was sorry.

Arrival at the Plaza

After Crocodile, Marco and Luffy get to the other side of the wall, Whitebeard asks Oars to take out their last wheeled boat. Oars miraculously gets up and sends the boat with all the pirates in it towards the bay. He said he didn't remember saying he had used all his boats. He ordered Oars to get ready. Oars pulled the boat toward the plaza. Ace shouted: Father! ~ Whitebeard asked him if he was still in his right mind. Oars said that they could finally go and save Ace, but before he had time to finish his sentence, he was bombed by the navy and that killed him. Whitebeard took his Bisento and jumped out of his boat. He was in front of the whole Navy without fearing anything. He told his "children" to stay behind. Then he made an earthquake bubble around the blade of his weapon and threw it in front of him. It shattered a wall in the air and like an explosion, the Marine soldiers were sent flying. It shattered a large section of the island. His commanders arrived as the emperor shouted for his team to go rescue Ace and destroy the Navy. His commanders arrived as the emperor yelled at his team to go save Ace and destroy the Navy.

He tried the same powerful attack, but was frozen by Aokiji. Unfortunately for him, Whitebeard destroys his ice block with his waves and pierces Aokiji. Kuzan tries to kill Whitebeard, but he takes a left shoulder from Joz. The latter asked Newgate to continue his route. Luffy is thrown by Kizaru, in the hand of Whitebeard who catches him. He says that Luffy is only a kid without power but with a great will. He also says that he likes stupid kids. He tells his doctors to treat Luffy while the captain prepares to attack.

Whitebeard prepares to strike but Akainu blocks his Bisento with his foot. He declares that if he continues to make attacks like this, the island will not hold. Newgate laughed and asked why he doesn't try to protect her. Akainu duels with him for a few moments. Meanwhile, the commander of the first division of Whitebeard tries to rescue Ace but is stopped by Garp the Hero. As the pirates gave a short description of the legendary navy hero, Whitebeard shouted that there was no need to be afraid and that he was just a name. Akainu said that since he was from his era, he must have learned that he should not lose sight of the fight that he was maintaining and he attacked him with a magma wolf that the old captain easily sent back to Akainu who avoided his own attack. He also complained that the island kept being damaged by Newgate. The latter repeated that if he was not happy, why he did not defend it? Following which, he hit Akainu with his bisento coated with Haki. As he got rid of the admiral, Newgate spat out a lot of blood, which made his commanders lose focus and receive enormous damage from the admirals. Whitebeard was then punched in the chest by Akainu who mocked him for not being able to fight old age.

As Sengoku told his men to take the opportunity that Whitebeard was wounded and kill him, 5 elite men attacked the old man, they slammed their swords into the pirate's chest and another jumped in and hit him in the head with a bazooka. The marines continued the assault on him but he pulled himself together and brushed the marines off saying that he didn't need help because he is "Whitebeard". Sengoku said he was going to have Ace killed immediately. Whitebeard says that won't happen because if he dies, he won't be able to see his sons' bright future. Sengoku said that if he wants to see the future of his sons, he would show him and ordered the execution of Ace. Whitebeard prepared to stop him but he spat out a lot of blood again. With all hope lost, the old man closed his eyes in despair when suddenly the impossible happened. Monkey D. Luffy used his Haki of Kings without knowing it and managed to make the executioners fall unconscious. Newgate seemed to be extremely surprised as were all of his crew members and allies.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

As Ace's brother advances on the battlefield, the Navy decides to eliminate him. Whitebeard, still shocked by Luffy's power, gives a point shot that wreaks havoc to protect him. He laughs and says that the Navy is really and only made up of cowards. He says that he thought the Navy wanted to kill him, hitting the marines near him with a Bisento. The Navy finally decided to attack him rather than the son of Monkey D. Dragon. This gave Luffy a chance to save the commander of the 2nd division of the Emperor's crew. Izou gathered the commanders and other allied pirates to watch their father's back. Suddenly, against all odds, Edward Newgate shouted to all his men to protect Luffy in the Straw Hat with all their might. The pirates were visibly surprised, but they obeyed nonetheless. One of the Vice Admirals ordered his men to attack and kill Whitebeard since his men left him alone to go help Luffy. Whitebeard laughed again saying that they think they can kill him by attacking him from all sides at once... He took his weapon, made a bubble of his power around the blade and spun around, creating a kind of mini tornado and made them fly in the air. Whitebeard was tired, however, and said that Luffy had to show him what the next generation was capable of, and most importantly, show him the power of the D.

When Ace is rescued, Whitebeard has an enigmatic look on his face but can't hide his relief. However, when Ace and Luffy got into position to fight the Navy, he smiled. A few moments later, Squardo and his crew, in some unknown way, managed to move the boat that took them to the Plaza and they said that this would be their way of making amends. They wanted to slow down the marines while the other pirates were running away. Seeing this, Whitebeard muttered: "This is stupid... He stopped the boat with his right hand alone. But he was very out of breath. He asked Squardo if he knew how painful it was to see his son die. He added that he was not weak enough to die because of Squardo's sword, but that everyone dies one day. So he gave his last order as captain. He said that he and his crew would now part forever. He wanted the pirates to be able to reunite in the New World and be sure to survive. He also said that he was the top man of this era and that there was no ship to carry him to the new era. He flexed his muscles and struck, breaking gravity. His attack smashed Marine Ford and destroyed most of the city and the battlefield, which was split in two by a small canyon. Newgate remembered his time with his crew. He said he had a pretty long adventure. As he watched Marine Ford fall, he smiled, saying that he was going to finish off the Navy. He continued to fight, but his crew refused to leave him alone. He turned around, angry, asking if they were disobeying an order from their captain.

He told them to flee and called them fools. As the pirates fled, the Navy tried to stop them, but Whitebeard, in a rage, said that their enemy was him and him alone. He continued to violently attack anyone who was Navy. Ace returned and saved him from a group of marines that surrounded him. He made a circle of fire around him and his father. Newgate said there was no need for words; he just wanted to ask him one last question: "Have I been a good father? Ace replied that it was obvious that he had been. Whitebeard turned around and saw that Ace was in a bad position, so he tried to protect him, but Kizaru pierced his arm with a laser and said that he would not let him intervene. He turned back to the Marine in frustration and felt a breeze of wind and a red marble from Ace's necklace roll to the ground. He mourned Ace's death.

After Ace's death, the members of the Whitebeard pirates began to cry. However, Whitebeard seemed to remain silent. As Luffy went into post-traumatic shock, Jinbe wanted to go and save him from Akainu who was going towards him. When Akainu was about to kill him, Marco saved the young pirate with his power, for the third time and said that the fight was not over yet. He also ordered Jinbe to make sure that Luffy left Marine Ford before adding that Luffy's survival was Ace's final wish. This gave the pirates courage. He said that they had to protect Ace's brother instead of him because if they let him die, it will be the greatest shame of the Whitebeard pirates. Akainu pushed Marco and the other pirates away and started to chase Jinbe. At this very moment, the Emperor expressed his anger.

He was about to finish Akainu off when, in a last attempt, Akainu pierced a huge hole in Newgate's stomach with his arm. Whitebeard fell to his knees, unconscious. Akainu, obviously struggling to breathe, told him to give up and that he had lost. Edward remembered his time with Ace again, and he picked up Akainu before lifting him up with his one arm. With his belly still in flames, he still threw him in the air. Then he positioned himself to finish Akainu off, and when Akainu fell back down, he hit him full force. The blow he landed was so powerful that Marine Ford burst out of his shell. He declared that he was not dead yet. Moreover, with the gigantic blow he had just made, he created a new crater, separating him completely from his crew. He said that he was going to confront anyone who stood in front of him. He confronted the entire Navy alone. He countered the attacks, launching earthquakes even more devastating than the one at the Plaza. He used unprecedented techniques and still refused to die. Marco looked at him, and tears appeared in his eyes. He shouted to his crew to head for the ships. Suddenly, Blackbeard's crew arrived.


Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)


Whitebeard versus Blackbeard

As Blackbeard and his crew discussed how they were all there at Marine Ford, Whitebeard assumed a posture unique to his fruit, and shouted Teach's name. He threw a huge punch at Teach. He said that Teach was the only person he ever considered his son. He had killed a member of his crew and thus broken the golden rule of his crew, and that if he wanted Satch to rest in peace, he had to finish him off. While Marco wanted to come and help his father, his father told him not to interfere. Marshall used his fruit, with Black Whole. Whitebeard sank into the darkness but tried to attack Teach, but to no avail. Teach told him that his attacks were no longer working against him, and punched him in the stomach. He punched him again, causing Newgate to be lifted into the air. He tried to hit him again but without success. Blackbeard told him that he was really starting to look bad, but Whitebeard, not giving up yet, picked up his Bisento, and hit his opponent, making a gash on his shoulder. Edward pinned Teach to the ground, saying these words: carelessness, overconfidence, that has always been your weakness Teach. He created a bubble around Marshall's head, just as he did with Ronse. Teach begged him to stop, reminded him that he was his son. Whitebeard ignored Teach's pleas, giving him a taste of his incredible power in the head.

There was a big explosion. Whitebeard's pirates were happy and screaming because they thought their captain was done with their former crewmate. All except Marco, who was still in shock and very unsure of the situation. They noticed that Teach was still alive, but that he could die at any second if someone attacked him. They encouraged the Emperor to kill Teach. Newgate, however, did not seem to move. He had indeed lost a great deal of blood. The commanders, however, knew what was coming. Marco said that Whitebeard's body had long since exceeded its limits. He started to walk again, but very slowly.

No one knows why, but as he approached Teach, he seemed to be using Monkey D. Luffy's Gear Second, which is impossible since it only works with Gomu Gomu no Mi. As he tried one last time to hit Teach, the traitor pulled out a gun and cried that Newgate should have been dead long ago. He shot him as Whitebeard's fist came within an inch of his face. His power went out because he had lost too much blood. He resumed an upright posture and took the many blows of Blackbeard's entire crew.

He was shot in the head by Teach, but he was still alive. His crew shouted his name as they watched helplessly as the massacre unfolded before their eyes.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Death of Whitebeard

Whitebeard recalled his discussion with Gol D. Roger, when he was younger. Edward Newgate asked Roger if he was dying. Roger replied that indeed he did not have long to live. He asked him if he should tell him how to get to Rough-Tell. Whitebeard said that even if he knew, he would not go because he was not interested. Roger asked him if he knew how the World Government called him "Gold Roger" and not "Gol D. Roger". Whitebeard told him that he had often met people with the D in their names. He added that there was even a member of his crew with the D. Intrigued, he asked him what this D was. Roger asked him if he wanted to know and Whitebeard did not answer. So Roger concluded that the answer was yes and said he would tell him. He began by saying that it was a very old story... Whitebeard's flashback ended. He was still being shot at. Teach complained that he was out of ammunition and Shiliew told him that it was okay, that he was probably dead. He added that if he was hit, he would probably drop dead. Whitebeard said it was not Teach. To everyone's surprise, Edward Newgate was still alive. Teach, dumbfounded, could not believe his eyes.

At Whitebeard's last words, Sengoku, the Navy, the pirates and especially the civilians of Sabaody were all shocked by Edward Newgate's incredible statement. Sengoku yelled at him that he could "go to hell". Teach, on the other hand, seemed to be pleased by this statement. He laughed and said that it was a wonderful last word. The Whitebeard commanders, on the other hand, were crying. Whitebeard apologized to his crew.

He said that he was responsible for everything that had happened, but that thanks to them he had everything he had ever wanted, that this was the end for him. We then saw a final image of the entire Whitebeard crew sailing towards the sun. He said it was a good trip and that the pirates didn't understand why another pirate couldn't care about the treasures.

They kept asking him what he wanted. Whitebeard replied that there was one thing he had always wanted, ever since he was a child. They asked him what it was. Whitebeard, smiling, said that it was a family. He said goodbye to his children and died, thus ending the life of the monstrous pirate but legendary man that was Edward Newgate, better known as Whitebeard. Blackbeard, on the other hand, was still surprised to see that Whitebeard had died standing up. Edward Newgate died after having, during this fight alone, taken 267 sword blows, 152 bullets, 46 cannonballs and having lost half his face. We can also add the fact that he was frozen by Aokiji, pierced several times by Kizaru and by Akainu. And let's not forget the fact that, during his youth, he was the rival of Gol D. Roger himself. When his coat flew away, we can see that his back is intact. This proves that the "King of the Seas" never gave up during all his legendary battles against Roger and the others, that he never turned his back on his opponents!

Continuation and end of the war

After Whitebeard's death, Teach, by some unknown method, took the Demon Fruit from him. He demonstrated the new power he had received by destroying Navy Headquarters and some soldiers. Shanks the Red arrived a few minutes later at Marine Ford, and decided that the war had to end because there was no purpose in either side. He graciously asked Sengoku to take the bodies of Edward and Ace back with him. The Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy said that he would take full responsibility for this despite the complaints of Vice Admiral Doberman who wanted to show the heads of these two pirates to the world as a symbol of victory, and thus, discourage the other pirates.

Edward Newgate (Barbe Blanche)

Much later, on an unknown island in the second half of the Grand Line, we see the graves of Portgas D. Ace and Edward Newgate. The Emperor's Bisento and his cloak are hanging on a sort of pole where the flag of the Whitebeard's Crew is hung. His grave is next to Ace's.

After the war

Two years later, the marks on the graves were less visible with time. Sabo visited them and placed 3 cups of sake on a box near Ace's grave, he also hung the news from a newspaper on it. The news indicated the return of the Straw Hat Crew, as a message to tell Ace that Luffy is fine.

After the Ellipse

Whitebeard's death led to disasters because in the Pirate Captain's land, the bandits were afraid to do anything on it for fear that Whitebeard would come and destroy the terrorists. The biggest problem that occurred was his assassin, Marshall D. Teach, who took his father's place as Emperor.

However, Newgate's death led to another wave of piracy like Roger's because Edward said before he died that the One Piece does exist and, apart from Silvers Rayleigh, he is the most likely to know where the treasure was. Later, Sabo went to visit the tomb of the Emperor and his brother Ace. It was noticed that Whitebeard's jacket was still white and in good condition, as was Ace's hat. Sabo placed a bottle of Sake and two cups and a bouquet of flowers in front of Newgate's grave.


  • Any captain wishing to contact Whitebeard must visit him, and bring a drink. Any mail or message will be thrown away unread, and anyone showing up without alcohol is at great risk.
  • The name "Edward Newgate" means "Sacred Guardian of the New Gate".
  • Edward means "guardian, sacred guardian" and Newgate means "new gate".
  • This may refer to the new era of pirates that Whitebeard unleashed moments before his death.
  • The character of Whitebeard is modeled after a bar tender where Master Oda used to go regularly. This character used to always sit at the back of the bar with his breathing apparatus and spent his time drinking sake and telling war stories. In fact, the line that Whitebeard gives to Rockstar in his first appearance ("I don't talk to kids with my head full of air") was one of the favourite phrases that this person liked to give to customers.
  • Whitebeard shares many characteristics with the legendary warrior monk Musashibo Benkei. A popular figure in Japanese folklore, Benkei is said to have been five times taller than a normal man, possessed inhuman strength and used a naginata as his weapon of choice. He was left standing at his death, his body riddled with arrows and spears.
  • As for his last name, he owes it to the (infamous) Newgate Prison in London, which was active during the golden age of piracy and where many infamous pirates (and other criminals) were incarcerated; including William Kidd and the crew of the "king of pirates" Henry Every.
  • Whitebeard is the first Paramecia Demon Fruit user to die.
  • In One Piece: Pirate Warriors, one of Whitebeard's attacks is a small burst of Royal Haki.
  • In an SBS, Oda revealed that he had a dog named Stefan who had the same mustache as his master.
  • Despite his health condition, he loves alcohol and does not deprive himself of it.
  • His greatest dream was not to find the most beautiful treasure, but to have a family, which explains why he never really looked for the One Piece, or even wanted to learn about it.
  • He looks a lot like the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan of the WWE. They both have white mustaches except Whitebeard has both ends up and Hulk Hogan has both ends down. They are very muscular. They were seen wearing bandanas (Hulk Hogan wore a black one like Whitebeard). Hulk Hogan is very tall (2.01m) and Whitebeard is over 6 meters tall. Both also rely on their strength to face their opponents (Hulk Hogan against the other wrestlers and Whitebeard when he wields his heavy bisento with his hands to face the Navy, his punches boosted by his powers or when he stops Squardo's boat with his bare hands).
  • Blackbeard is almost the complete opposite of him. Whitebeard is taller in height, thin, muscular, not hairy, old, he wears a white jacket, one weapon (the bisento), he was alone to fight against Blackbeard and then died and Blackbeard is shorter in height, obese, hairier, younger, he wears the same jacket in black, several weapons (pistols), he was alone but then his crew helped him and then survived. Newgate was neither ambitious nor interested in One Piece, only wanting to be with his "family", which is the opposite of Teach.
  • They come together for having had at least one demon fruit each, for liking alcohol (Whitebeard drank what Shanks brought on board his ship and Blackbeard carries a bottle of alcohol with him), for being emperors, for having a crew, for having fought at Marine Ford against each other, to have been in the same crew (one was a captain, the other a simple crew member) and they both tried to save people (Blackbeard was prisoners in a prison to recruit in his crew while Whitebeard was to save Ace, a member of his crew on a scaffold).
  • No pirate before the Big Mom and Kaido alliance had a bounty as high as Whitebeard and Roger.
  • He was with Gol D. Roger the most powerful pirate of the first great era of Piracy, if not the most powerful because he got his title "Strongest Man in the World" during Roger's era, a title he kept until his death.
  • He ranked 26th in the 5th popularity poll published in Shonen Jump.
  • In the 6th Japanese poll, Whitebeard ranked 28th.
  • He was the strongest character of One Piece known before the ellipse, despite his health condition.
  • The 2 Dukes of Zo, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were footsoldiers in his crew before joining Gol D. Roger's crew.
  • Although he has a moustache, his name was kept in French because in Japanese the words "beard" and "moustache" are said in the same way.
  • There are currently four characters in the manga with the name beard followed by a color: White Beard, Pink Beard, Brown Beard and Black Beard.
  • His favorite foods are sake and cheap foods.
  • His animal likeness is the white whale.
  • However, there were animal figurines that represented him as a white bear.
  • He hates kopi luwak, an Indonesian coffee.
  • In his youth, Whitebeard already had the title of the strongest in the world.
    His hobby was saving money.



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