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Comment sont fabriquées les figurines manga ?

How are the manga figures made?

You couldn't miss the trend of manga collectible figurines that represent manga characters or pop culture icons. Appreciated by manga fans, these decorative statuettes are very successful and are much more than just toys. But how exactly are they made?

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The fashion of manga figurines for decoration:

Bandai, Banpresto for Japanese manufacturers, Tsume from Luxembourg or Hot Toy from Hong Kong... There are dozens of brands in these derivative products that are all the rage in specialized stores and in conventions dedicated to Manga or cult licenses such as Star Wars or Marvel, or even cult video games like Steet Fighter. If they are so popular with fans, it is because France is particularly fond of pop-culture, we are for example the second biggest consumers of Manga behind Japan and ahead of the United States.

If we talk specifically about the case of Manga, France has seen the genre popularized in the 80's with the appearance of anime on our televisions: The Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball Z, Albator, Attack of the Titans, One Piece, Naruto which are still today the most popular licenses for fans. The Japan Expo convention was one of the first to be held in a western country in 1999 and is still a must-attend event for fans of manga and related products from Japan animation.

How was your favorite DBZ figure made? Why the price of a figure can vary from 10€ to several hundred euros? So many questions to which we will bring some answers!

 Discover the figure of Sasuke Uchiwa

figurine sasuke

Why are manga figurines expensive derivatives?

In Japan more than anywhere else, the figurine market does not know the crisis. Each new license is entitled to its heroes presented in different ways, in limited or collector edition, so much so that many collectors buy and resell the most prestigious models. The "Made in Japan" label is a guarantee of quality and professionalism that manga fans are particularly looking for. A figurine can contain up to 100 different colors and many steps can be done by hand for a maximum of realism, like the colorization of the faces for example. There is no room for error or you will be rejected at the quality control.

This attention to detail and the intervention of numerous workers has a cost, which varies according to the prestige of the brand. In France, Banpresto is the leading brand with prices ranging from 30€ to 50€ for most models. But prices can go up as for the figurines of the brand Tsume which creates limited editions more like works of art than simple decorative objects as on this photo representing a Saint Seiya figurine of the Golden Knight of the Virgin, Shaka sold in the neighborhood of 350€ on specialized websites.

figurine Saint Seiya du Chevalier D’or de la Vierge, Shaka

What materials are used to make a collectible geek figure?

It all starts with a prototype, often modeled in clay before moving on to mass production. Different types of plastics can be used, but in most cases, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) makes up the main body of the figure because of its rigidity. Polypropylene and polyethylene are more flexible plastics that are commonly used. The final rendering is done with acrylic paint.

Other elements such as nylon can be used for accessories, such as the character's clothing. It is also fashionable to use colored translucent resin to materialize the attacks of your different heroes. The Figuarts Zero line of Bandai Tamashii Nations frequently uses this system and a number of Tsume figures as shown below.figurine Tsume en résine translucide colorée

Different molding techniques are used to make a manga figure

For figurine molding, the methods differ. The figure can be molded in a single piece of plastic, supported by a wire so that the whole thing fits together. Other figurines are more advanced, like on this picture, the Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct figurine from the S.H. Figuarts line from Bandai Tamashii Nations. Each member being articulated, each part must be molded separately. Rotating elements allow the limbs to move, so here, no wires, but gears and washers to maintain the character in a defined position.

figurine manga goku ultra instinct

Different types of molding exist. The injection process is the most common, as it can be found in most plastic industries. The plastic resin is heated to a high temperature and injected into the mold, which then closes and cools the whole. The visible joints on some poor quality figures are the result of this process. Other methods of assembly can be used such as ultrasonic sealing, which slightly melts the plastic for almost invisible joints. Gluing is still very common to bind the parts together.

lampe naruto 3 d

The packaging: an element that has its value!

The particularity of figurines is that the packaging is extremely important. Some packaging is considered very valuable and many collectors keep the boxes intact without ever touching the figure.

emballage des figurines manga

The quality control undergoes the same thoroughness as all the previous steps. After numerous safety and stress tests for the articulated figurines, mass production is launched for shipment to wholesalers and retailers.

With models in perpetual evolution, collections that are renewed very regularly, the figurine collection has a bright future ahead. Declined in manga heroes, it is an original element that has widely taken place in interior decorations.


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