Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar (ジョセフ・ジョースター, Josefu Jōsutā) is the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, as well as the main character of Battle Tendency. He is also featured in Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable as an ally. Joseph is the second JoJo of the series and the most recurrent after Jotaro Kujo.

Joseph is an exuberant con man. He has faced many threats such as vampires, Pillar Men and Stand wielders with impressive ingenuity.

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Battle Tendency

19 years old, Joseph is tall (195 cm / 6'4") and powerfully built, with light eyes. He has shaggy chestnut hair, parts of which are spiked with his outward-facing locks, apart from which he closely resembles his grandfather Jonathan Joestar.

Joseph's primary attire is relatively minimal and pragmatic. He wears a tank top cut above the navel, gloves studded at the knuckles, a pair of planning pants with a leather belt and knee-high leather boots. In Switzerland, he wears a long, large, striped scarf and later wears Caesar's headband after his death.

In the early chapters of the series, he wears a white collared shirt with tie and suspenders, and a checkered coat over his shoulders.

Other items: an aviator hat, a knit cap, a mask for wave training.

Stardust Crusaders

He is 68 years old and his hair and beard have turned grey. He does not seem to have any health problems, on the contrary he has kept the same musculature as in his youth.

At the beginning of Part 3, Joseph wears a black turtleneck, a long khaki coat, pants of the same color and a hat (resembling Indiana Jones'). Having lost his left forearm at the end of Part 2, Joseph has a prosthesis from the Speedwagon Foundation that he camouflages under white gloves. On the boat that "took" the Joestar Group to India, Joseph wore a white tank top with red stripes. Later he wore a yellow t-shirt, brown pants, black loafers and always his white gloves and khaki hat.

His stand, Hermit Purple, looks like purple brambles. He is not very powerful but is able to drive the Wave. He can also materialize long range images by destroying a camera.

Diamond is Unbreakable

At 79 years old, Joseph suffers from senility, not having had a long life due to his lack of practice of the Wave. Although his stature is still apparent, he is stooped and uses a cane to get around. He wears a small pair of glasses and a mottled wool hat with a brim and flaps for his ears. He wears a thick reddish coat, a collared shirt and tie, and wide pants.


In his youth, Joseph was feisty, impetuous and prankster. He is rarely shown to be serious and focused, tending to have fun even when facing an extremely dangerous enemy. Although on the surface he seems foolish (many enemies see him that way), he can predict his opponent's next move. Against Esidisi, Joseph quotes a Chinese strategist: Sun Zi, which could mean that he likes military strategy books. In a flashback, we see Joseph reading a Superman comic book of which he is a fan. As he grows up, he becomes a fan of Rohan Kishibe.

In part 3, Joseph has the same character. It even seems that he still has this mischievous character. However, he seems to be more easily surprised than in his youth. Being older has given him some wisdom and he still gives good advice to his impetuous grandson.

In part 4, his advanced age has weakened his mind and he seems to have become a bit senile (one can also think that he is faking it). He is not as confrontational as he was in his youth. With age, he has become a well-meaning man who is always willing to risk his life for others. He seems to have trouble hearing with age, but it looks like he hears better during the rest of part 4 (maybe that was just a gag).



Detailed article: WaveJoseph inherited the Wave and its abilities from his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, as well as from his mother, Lisa Lisa. In addition, he also uses magic and other tricks to confuse his enemies. After learning the Wave, Joseph frequently combines it with other objects to perform complex and creative attacks. Later in the third part, he is able to infuse the Wave into his own Stand, Hermit Purple. However, as he grew older, due to neglect of his training, he became unable to do what he did in his youth and ended up aging like any normal human being instead of retaining the youthfulness the Ripple gives him.


In order to find a special attack, Joseph invented a fighting style that involves infusing the Wave into a pair of normal American Clackers or Tac-Tac. Once infused, the Clackers become a deadly weapon, as the user is able to tear the skin of their opponent using them and from there the Wave can penetrate the body, inflicting massive damage. Due to their shape and aerodynamic design, a person trained in the use of Clackers is able to maneuver them easily and even make them disappear by hiding them behind their back. Here are the techniques Joseph used:

  • Clacker Volley (クラッカーヴォレイ, Kurakkā Vorei): Joseph throws the Clackers in the direction of his opponent. This can be done in several ways, but to produce the best and most surprising effect, he can hide them behind his back. From there, Joseph can throw them from behind his back to the enemy in any direction.
  • Clacker Boomerang (クラッカーブーメラン, Kurakkā Būmeran): Joseph throws both pairs of Clackers into a beam or pillar behind the opponent. This is to fool them into thinking that he has missed. One is thrown into the bulkhead, causing one side of it to lodge in place, while the other catches the second pair of Clackers and sends them back to the opponent from behind, much like a boomerang.

Other equipment

In addition to his Clackers, Joseph used other weapons and tools in conjunction with the Wave and his strategic mind.

  • He used the Ripple to blast the cap off a cola bottle as high-speed projectiles at a corrupt police officer and the caps off two tequila bottles at two Nazi soldiers.
  • He used his Tommy Gun to shoot Straizo, then hit him with the loaded stock of Ripple.He then secretly attached a grenade to Straizo's scarf, the pin of which was attached by strings to the pins of several other grenades that Joseph had successfully planted in Straizo's back.
  • He used the thread from a woolen cap (which is a good conductor for the Wave) to form a net under the arena filled with spikes, which he had used against Esidisi.
  • In the chariot race against Wamuu, he wielded a large mace that he coated with oil to improve his Wave conduction. Joseph also used a heavy crossbow to shoot an iron ball loaded with Wave at the arena wall, where it circled the wall before darting out and hitting Wamuu from behind.


Detailed Article: Hermit PurpleJoseph's Stand, Hermit Purple, manifests as a tangle of thorny vines, which Joseph can wield as both a weapon and a formidable defense. In addition, she has been shown to conduct the Wave, making Hermit Purple one of the most effective Stands against vampires. Joseph developed the Stand after DIO pierced Jonathan's body with the Arrow, after which DIO awakened his own Stand, The World.

One of his special abilities (shared with Jonathan's Stand) is to use cameras, televisions and other objects to perform a form of clairvoyance called spiritual photography. In fact, he had to break an expensive Polaroid camera to do this and have the camera print a picture, as he did to get DIO's. Later, he was seen using televisions without having to damage them.



Joseph is the grandson of Jonathan, the first JoJo in the series, and Erina. Shortly after the events of Phantom Blood, Erina gave birth to George II Joestar, Joseph's father who, 30 years later, married Elizabeth Joestar and gave birth to Joseph on September 27, 1920, in Britain. Unfortunately, his father was killed by his military superior, a zombie created by Dio who had escaped from Jonathan. In revenge, his mother killed the zombie, which forced him to flee Britain because she was seen killing him. Joseph, still an infant, was raised by his grandmother and with the help of Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

Battle Tendency

New York

While visiting New York with Erina, Joseph meets Smokey Brown, a young African-American man who steals his wallet. Nevertheless, Joseph befriends the pickpocket after he beats up two corrupt police officers who bullied Smokey. He and Erina get to know Smokey. While dining in a restaurant, Joseph personally and publicly humiliates a racist mafioso who kept insulting Smokey, the mafioso's companion then suddenly informs him that Speedwagon would be dead in Mexico. Later that night, Joseph is attacked in New York by Straizo, a former companion of his grandfather Jonathan who has become a vampire. After being drawn into a mad chase, Joseph manages to defeat Straizo, who self-destructs with his stored Wave while warning the young men of the Pillar.

Travel to Mexico

Following this incident, Joseph flies to Mexico in search of Speedwagon, who is actually living in a secret Nazi base, where they are trying to bring back to life a man who seems to be trapped in a stone pillar for 2000 years. In this base, Joseph meets Stroheim, a Nazi general. Unfortunately, the Nazis manage to awaken the mysterious man, Santana, who will kill most of the soldiers present. Joseph and Stroheim challenge this man from the pillar, and have a hard time defeating him. Following this victory, Joseph decides to leave for Rome, where there are other Pillar Men who were recently discovered under the Colosseum.

Arrival in Rome and training at l'Onde

In Rome, Joseph meets Caesar Antonio Zeppeli, an experienced Wave wielder about his age, who is supposed to show Joseph the basics of Wave handling. At first, the two young men are unable to get along; Caesar blames Jonathan Joestar for causing the death of his grandfather William Antonio Zeppeli, because of his incompetence. Then Mark, a Nazi soldier friend of Caesar, takes the two protagonists to the place where the Pillar Men are; Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars are then awakened. Mark is killed by Wamuu, which makes Caesar angry. He then challenges two of the Pillar Men. However, despite his mastery of the Wave, Caesar is beaten and Joseph, who does not master the Wave well enough, miraculously manages to delay his death for thirty days. Indeed, Wamuu and Esidisi insert in Joseph's body two rings, at the level of the heart and the throat: these rings are time bombs which will release poison in his veins, the only way for Joseph to survive being to beat them and to recover the antidote preserved in a ring on their body, and that within a maximum of 30 days. To help him prepare for these battles, Caesar introduces Joseph to his master Lisa, who then reveals that the motivation of the Pillar Men is to steal the Red Stone of Aja.

To be able to defeat the Pillar Men, Caesar and Joseph will be trained by Lisa Lisa. The latter forces Joseph to wear a mask that regulates his breathing, in order to accustom him to keep a constant control on his breathing when he uses the Wave. To begin the training, Lisa Lisa forces her two students to climb a long pillar covered with oil, which requires excellent control of the Wave. Joseph having a too weak control of the Wave, will have difficulty to climb it but it succeeds all the same thanks to the encouragements and the assistance of Caesar. For the next few weeks, Joseph trained under the tutelage of Loggins, who taught him the best way to breathe in order to better use the Wave. At the end of his training, Joseph must defeat Loggins in a fight.

Before the month's reprieve is up, Esidisi discovers that Lisa Lisa is in possession of the red Aja stone and comes to steal it. After learning that Loggins has been killed, Joseph applies his newfound abilities and ingenuity to defeat Esidisi, angering Kars and Wamuu (who saw Joseph as an idiot who should not be taken seriously).

After his victory, Joseph doesn't notice that Esidisi's brain was clinging to his back. This one thus takes advantage of it to take procession of the body of Suzie Q, which sends the red stone of Aja to Kars in Switzerland. It is by merging their waves that Joseph and Caesar make leave the brain of Esidisi of the body of Suzie Q, which is consumed in contact with the sun.

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Pursuit of the Pillar Men in Switzerland

Following this, Joseph went after Kars and Wamuu in Switzerland. It is there that Joseph will find Stroheim, supposedly dead. The latter is now a powerful cyborg, built thanks to Nazi science. Despite his strength, Stroheim is cut in two by Kars.

It is also in Switzerland that Joseph's group locates the headquarters of the two remaining Pillar Men. Knowing they are vulnerable to the sun, everyone agrees to force them out into the daylight, except Joseph. Caesar, who doesn't understand his friend's decision and pushed to the limit by his friend's words, decides to confront Wamuu alone. Joseph learns of his friend's past and changes his mind. However, when he and Lisa Lisa arrive at their enemies' lair, they find that Caesar has already died fighting Wamuu and that he used his last strength to recover the lip ring of the Pillar Man. Out of respect for Caesar, Joseph decides not to take the antidote until he defeats Wamuu. Joseph and Lisa Lisa decide to pursue Wamuu, who is probably injured, inside the mansion.

Joseph and Lisa Lisa find Kars and Wamuu but also find themselves outnumbered by Kars' vampires. Lisa Lisa bluffs out destroying Aja's Rouje Stone unless the Pillar Men agree to her terms to settle things in two one-on-one clashes in the Skeleton Heel Stone Arena. Sent to retrieve the stone, Joseph notices a photo of an infant with Erina, Speedwagon and Straizo in it and confronts Lisa Lisa about it. She only tells half the meaning of the photo before Joseph engages Wamuu in a deadly Roman chariot race fight. Wamuu initially gets the upper hand, but Joseph manages to counter his dangerous attacks and destroys Wamuu's body with only his head dissolving. Joseph, as a sign of honor to the warrior, gives Wamuu some of his own blood to relieve his pain before drinking the antidote. He then finishes him off, because the Wave having cut his head, burned him.

Final battle

Kars proves to be less honorable than Wamuu and breaks his promise to fight Lisa face-to-face and sacrifices one of his weakest vampires in order to defeat her. Furious about Kars' betrayal, Joseph then challenges the Pillar Man, who considers him a weak Wave user and not even worth fighting seriously. All seems over in this fight against Kars until a newly rebuilt Stroheim and his Nazi soldiers, Speedwagon, and Smokey arrive to help him. As the two fight, Joseph is eventually made to choose between his life and Lisa Lisa's, but he manages to counter the whole situation and send Kars flying into the spiky pit below. Stroheim and his Nazi soldiers bombard Kars with ultraviolet light, but unknowingly they have given him the light he needs to activate the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja embedded in it and transform him into the ultimate life form.

Taking the Red Stone of Aja on the run, Joseph steals one of the Germans' planes to keep Kars away while strategizing how to defeat him. Joseph then assumes that he can kill Kars by using what the planet earth offers him: namely, crashing the plane with Kars on board into a volcano. Although it appears that Kars died sinking into the magma, the Pillar Man developed a continuous, inorganic porous material to protect himself, while digging out and slicing Joseph's arm. Just when all seemed lost, Joseph unconsciously defends himself from Kars' Enhanced Wave by using the Aja Stone to defy the opposing attack to the ground. This causes an eruption that blows up the ground on which the two combatants stand, with Joseph distracting Kars long enough to be blown out of Earth's orbit by debris. But gravity takes its course, and Stroheim assumes that Joseph died at sea near Italy.

Return to America

Weeks later, a funeral is held for Joseph, presumably dead, but Joseph himself crashes in and reveals to them that after falling from the sky, he ended up in Italy where he was caught by a local fisherman and cared for by Suzie Q, whom he later married. Joseph then returns to America to find his friends bewildered and shocked, he understands that Suzie Q had obviously forgotten to send them a telegram to reassure them of his survival.

Before Stardust Crusaders

In 1942, after learning that Lisa was his mother and moving to New York, Joseph and Suzie Q started a family with their daughter Holy. Eight years later, Joseph was at Erina's bedside in her last moments of life. When Holy married Sadao Kujo and moved to Japan in 1967, Joseph developed an intolerance for Japanese people. But in 1983, he eventually cheated on Suzie Q with a Japanese student named Tomoko Higashikata.

While demonstrating his Hermit Purple Stand at the age of 65, Joseph learns that Dio Brando has resurfaced after having diaparu in 1889. Joseph is further infuriated to learn that his Stand manifested because of DIO, who managed to take over Jonathan Joestar's body. Joined by Mohammed Abdul who helps him understand the nature of the Stands, Joseph spends the next few years trying to find DIO, to no avail.

In 1987, Joseph is called by Holy who needs his expertise regarding an "evil spirit" that possesses his son Jotaro Kujo. Joseph arrives at JFK airport where he runs into a Japanese man. While he initially apologizes for hitting him, Joseph realizes the man's nationality and kicks him, showing his hatred for Japanese people because one of them married his daughter and convinced her to move to Japan. On the other hand, Joseph is satisfied with his Japanese-made Sony Walkman and after putting on his headphones, he boards the plane to Japan.

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Stardust Crusaders

Meeting with Jotaro

Once in Japan, after having found his daughter, Joseph is taken to the police station where Jotaro is locked up. Jotaro refuses to leave his cell and his "evil spirit" rips off a pinky from the old man's prosthesis. Seeing that his grandson is a Stand user, Joseph asks Mohammed Abdul to force his grandson out of his cell while explaining what Stands are. Jotaro admits defeat after the two men trick him into getting out of his cell, Joseph explains how their Stands manifested while trying to convince Jotaro to help him track down DIO. Soon after, Joseph refuses to learn Japanese culture and moves into the Kujo residence where he helps expel the flesh germ that controls Noriaki Kakyoin.

Travel to save Holy

A few days later, much to Joseph's dismay, Holy's own Stand shows up and begins to slowly kill her due to her weak constitution. The only way to save Holy in the next fifty days is to find and kill DIO to break her link to the Joestar bloodline. Jotaro's Stand, later named Star Platinum, notices a fly in the background of one of Hermit Purple's photographs of DIO. Joseph contacts the Speedwagon Foundation to take care of Holy after Abdul confirms that the fly is native to Egypt. The group is joined by Kakyoin as they leave the airport.

Hong Kong

But an in-flight encounter with Gray Fly, an assassin sent by DIO, results in the death of the pilots. Joseph is forced to take the wheel and manages to land the plane 35 km off the coast of Hong Kong. The group then enters the city and discusses their situation over a meal. With Joseph's suggestion to ensure a path where there is less risk to civilians, the group decides to take a sea route across the Indian Sea that should get them to Egypt in 50 days. After mistakenly ordering food for the group due to his inability to read Kanji, they discover that the French tourist Jean Pierre Polnareff who joined their meal is another of DIO's assassins. After the duel between Abdul and Polnareff, the latter refuses to be controlled by the flesh germ, the Frenchman confronts Joseph on the dock about his prosthetic hand before joining the group both in their quest and for a personal reason.

Fighting at sea

The Joestar group takes a private boat piloted by men from the Speedwagon Foundation, but although Captain Tennille, who commands the ship, is discovered to be an impostor and working for DIO, the impostor manages to sabotage the ship, forcing Joseph, his companions and the crew to evacuate. They then come across an abandoned ship that they board, but the ship begins to attack them all, incapacitating Joseph and the rest of the Joestar group, except for Jotaro who defeats the ship's user Stand, an orangutan.


The group is rescued and arrives in Singapore, where they go to rest in a luxurious hotel. In his room, Joseph receives a phone call from Polnareff who warns him about a Stand user who Abdul believes may be Rubber Soul, a mercenary working for DIO. Although Joseph tries to gather everyone together to stay safe, the threat is dealt with before everyone can gather. Joseph takes the opportunity to use the television in his room to gather more information about their enemies, he only manages to get a warning against Kakyoin and briefly spies on DIO before DIO psychically spots him and hunts him down.


Joseph and his companions arrive in Calcutta, India, where Joseph discovers that his preconceived notions are in fact true, as it is overrun with beggars and the dirty streets are full of the sick and homeless. Polnareff breaks away from the group in search of his sister's killer. Joseph and Jotaro search the city for him, but when they learn that Abdul is injured, they decide to keep his survival a secret in order to act more freely. Joseph and Jotaro then come across Hol Horse on the run, who is one of DIO's henchmen. Although Hol Horse is surrounded, the timely intervention of a girl named Nena who pins Polnareff to the ground allows Hol Horse to escape. Joseph is splashed with a drop of Nena's blood on his arm during the struggle. However, a strange swelling appears where his arm was splashed. In Varanasi, Joseph's tumor has grown so much that he decides to have it treated. However, the tumor turns out to be the Empress Stand, which grows into a miniature humanoid attached to his arm. Empress kills a doctor and makes Joseph look like the culprit, forcing him to run around the city. However, Joseph manages to get rid of Empress with his Hermit Purple and kills Nena. The Joestar group then buys a car to travel to Pakistan. On their way, they are attacked by a car, revealed to be the Stand Wheel of Fortune, but Jotaro manages to defeat the enemy Stand and its user. He then confiscates ZZ's passport so that he can no longer follow them.

Joseph Joestar


In Pakistan, the Joestar group enters a foggy village where everyone is unwelcoming and unsuspecting. Joseph, trying to jump on his car to leave, falls on the spikes of a fence and nearly impales himself. However, Enya the witch, disguised as a kind hotel owner, welcomes the group into her hotel. Enya eventually reveals herself but is quickly defeated. However, Joseph decides to keep Enya in order to interrogate her later. The group finally arrives in Karachi, where Steely Dan kills Enya before she can reveal anything and subdues Joseph by having his Stand Lovers infiltrate his brain. Thus, Joseph perceives tenfold pain compared to what Steely Dan feels and the group cannot hurt Steely Dan, knowing that if Steely Dan or Joseph is hurt, so is the other. Joseph escapes with Polnareff and Kakyoin while Jotaro is humiliated by Steely Dan, but Kakyoin and Polnareff reduce the size of their Stands to fight Lovers directly in Joseph's brain while Hermit Purple allows them to see inside. Lovers and Steely Dan are finally defeated.

Saudi Arabia

In Arabia, Joseph decides to cross the desert on camels. However, their attempt to cross is thwarted when they are attacked by the Stand Sun. Jotaro manages to make a shelter for them to hide, but they are trapped. Joseph, who is trying to find a solution, sees his companions in a laughing fit and thinks they are suffering from a psychotic break. It turns out that Joseph was the last to spot their enemy's ridiculous hiding place, which was behind a mirror. Arabia Fats is quickly defeated. He complains about how easily Arabia was defeated and that they didn't even learn his name.

Joseph and his companions stop in a village and buy a Cessna in order to fly across the desert with a baby. However, Kakyoin has a nightmare mid-flight and becomes so agitated that Joseph crashes. Although they all survive, they are stranded in the desert. Kakyoin, suspicious of the baby, is knocked out and everyone falls asleep, they are then attacked by Death Thirteen, who attacks his targets in their dreams. Fortunately, Kakyoin manages to defeat the Stand because he has summoned Hierophant Green. However, when he wakes up, the enemy's Stand prevents him from remembering what happens in his dreams and gives Mannish Boy food, which unknowingly contains fecal matter.

Red Sea

Joseph and his companions reach the Red Sea, where they will meet Abdul's father, who is actually Abdul who was secretly disguised in order to buy a submarine and fool their enemies. The now reunited Joestar group uses the submarine to cross the sea. They are attacked by High Priestess and forced to evacuate the sinking submarine, but High Priestess merges with the rock and turns into a gigantic head that swallows everyone. However, Jotaro destroys High Priestess and everyone arrives in Egypt.


In Egypt, Joseph and his group meet the men of the Speedwagon Foundation who provide them with equipment, give them the dog Iggy, also a Stand wielder, and inform them of the 9 Egyptian gods, nine other henchmen that DIO has kept at his side. The first one, N'Dour, manages to hurt Kakyoin and Abdul. However, the combined efforts of Jotaro and Iggy managed to prevail. Kakyoin and Avdol are entrusted to the care of local doctors and although Jotaro is behaving strangely, nothing unusual happens.

Joseph is attacked by Mariah and her Bastet Stand and becomes magnetized with Abdul. The fact that all metal objects are attracted to them is a huge handicap, but Joseph manages to place Mariah between him and Abdul, and uses her power to his advantage by crushing Mariah.

After receiving a call from the Speedwagon Foundation, Joseph informs everyone that Holy only has four or five days to live. To speed things up, they take a train from Luxor to Cairo.


In Cairo, Joseph has taken a picture of DIO's mansion, but not everyone he interviews recognizes him. A man named Daniel J. D'Arby lures the Joestar group into a gambling session, where he steals Polnareff's soul. Determined to save Polnareff, Joseph challenges D'Arby to a game where everyone must put coins in a glass nearly full of alcohol and whoever makes the glass overflow loses. Although Joseph tries to cheat, he is less clever than D'Arby and loses his soul. Fortunately, Jotaro manages to defeat him and save his friends.

For several days, Joseph continues his search, but it is Iggy who finally guides them to DIO's mansion.

DIO Manor

The Joestar group is greeted by Terence T. D'Arby, the mansion's butler, who forcibly drags Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin into the void. The trio ends up on an island in the middle of the sea where Terence challenges them to video games. Kakyoin loses the game and his soul, but Jotaro and Joseph cheat together to win the second round. When Jotaro hits Terence, Terence is propelled through the false sky of the underground room. Not yet out of the basement, Joseph, Kakyoin and Jotaro sense another battle taking place as they try to escape.

The trio runs into Nukesaku, a vampire, and intimidates him into telling them where DIO is. The three teammates decide to take DIO on from outside the building, breaking through a wall to enter a second time and interrupt the confrontation between Polnareff and DIO. Joseph and the others follow Nukesaku to the room where DIO is sleeping, but Nukesaku is teleported inside a coffin in the middle of the room, which DIO is supposed to be in, and Joseph, sensing an ambush, flees through a window with the rest of the group. As the sun sets, Joseph decides to flee because fighting the vampire without a clue to his power is suicidal. He and Kakyoin flee first while Polnareff and Jotaro wait to follow DIO and ambush him.

Final battle

DIO chases Joseph and Kakyoin, who have bought a truck and try to get away from him. At the same time, Kakyoin tries to attack DIO, to no avail, but notices that DIO's Stand The World is similar to Jotaro's. DIO sends a passerby crashing into the truck, which forces Joseph to stop driving and jump to the roofs of Cairo.

However, Kakyoin devises a plan to force DIO to use his power openly. DIO stops time, taking everyone by surprise, and punches Kakyoin to death. However, Kakyoin manages to inform Joseph of the true nature of DIO's Stand. Joseph manages to decipher the cryptic message Kakyoin leaves regarding DIO's power and even discovers some of his weaknesses, but DIO is too strong for him to defeat alone anyway.

DIO stops time once again and throws a knife at Joseph who stabs him in the throat, but the latter has time to warn Jotaro against The World. Later, DIO sucks all of Joseph's blood to strengthen himself and the old man seems to die, his ghost speaking one last time to Jotaro before disappearing. Jotaro then manages to defeat DIO.

End of the adventure

Jotaro's and Polnareff's injuries are being treated by the Speedwagon Foundation. Since DIO had taken a large portion of Joseph's blood, Jotaro requested a blood transfusion from DIO's body to Joseph's. After using Star Platinum to revive Joseph's heartbeat, the transfusion began. The withered body that Joseph had after losing so much blood begins to regain its normal muscular figure and Joseph comes back to life. He takes the opportunity to play a joke on Jotaro, pretending to be DIO and possessing Joseph's body, which almost makes Jotaro attack him. Fortunately, Joseph is spared a beating by claiming it was a joke.

Later, Jotaro and Joseph take the rest of DIO's body outside, where it evaporates with the rising sun. They then had a last thought for Kakyoin, Iggy and Abdul.

At the airport, Joseph and Jotaro say a final goodbye to Polnareff, who is finally ready to go back to France, his home country. Joseph asks Polnareff to come with him to America, knowing that Polnareff had no one waiting for him at home. Polnareff refused the offer, saying that despite his loneliness, France was his home. The trio said their goodbyes and left, promising to meet again one day. In Japan, Holy wakes up completely healed and free of the curse. Even from miles away, she knew that her son and father would come home.

After Stardust Crusaders

Over the next ten years, Joseph became a shadow of his former self. He had gallstone surgery, suffered from cataracts, wore dentures, needed a cane to walk and became somewhat senile.

During this time he had a great-granddaughter named Jolyne Cujoh, but it is not known if they had any contact with each other.

Joseph also learns of an illegitimate son from his affair with Tomoko Higashikata, who kept the child's existence a secret until he was 16. While Suzie Q is upset that he is unfaithful to her, Joseph adds Josuke's name to his will. When Joseph tries to use his Stand to get a picture of Josuke, he discovers a disturbing figure in the photos instead, prompting Jotaro to go to Morio to investigate.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Joseph goes to Morio to help Josuke and Jotaro to locate Akira Otoishi. He has aged terribly, he can't walk without a cane, wears glasses, can't hear well and is not as athletic as he used to be. On the boat, he is targeted by Akira after Akira learns of his ability to track his position. After defeating Akira, Joseph arrives safely at the dock, where he is escorted by Josuke.

Joseph Joestar

We picked up something weird!

On the way to Josuke's house, he and Joseph discover an invisible baby who turns out to be a Stand wielder. Since they can't see him, they decide to go to a baby store and buy clothes and supplies (unbeknownst to Josuke, Joseph spends most of his money). There is a brief period of bonding between the two before the baby begins to cry and get out of control due to lack of a mother. When the baby's carriage also becomes invisible and rolls down a hill into a pond, Josuke panics because he cannot locate the baby in the water and blames Joseph for the situation. Joseph, however, cuts his arm to stain the water with his blood, allowing Josuke to find the baby. He says he did this because he wanted Josuke to be proud of him.

Yukako Yamagishi dreams of being Cinderella

During the rest of the game, we see Joseph taking care of the baby and going with Josuke to various places in the city. At one point, he meets Yukako who is sulking and gives him advice on how to get Koichi interested in her, including going to Aya's salon. Later that day, Joseph and Josuke decide to go to Kameyu department store, where they meet Yukako, Rohan, Koichi and his family. At the store, a flash from Rohan's camera causes the baby to cry, forcing Joseph to run out of the building, but not before dropping Koichi into Yukako's arms.

Farewell Morio - Youth with a heart of gold

At the end of Diamond is Unbreakable, Joseph adopts the baby and names him Shizuka, which leads to a conflict with his wife Suzie Q, who thinks the baby is another secret child. When he leaves Morio with Jotaro, Joseph assures Jotaro that the people of the city have a heart of gold and that Josuke and his friends will be able to deal with any future threats. Josuke himself accompanies Joseph, but ends up stealing his wallet using the power of Crazy Diamond.

Stone Ocean

In an interview with Eiichiro Funakoshi, Araki describes Joseph as probably still alive, though a bit more senile. Although he does not appear in Stone Ocean, he is 91 years old at the time of the events.


  • Being English, he is famous for often saying various phrases in English. His phrases include "OH! NO!" (used in both part 2 and part 3) and "Oh! My! God!" (used in both Part 3 and Part 4).
  • A recurring gag in Part 3 sees Joseph lose parts of his prosthetic hand, or even the hand itself, when enemies attack him, but later reappear with his prosthesis intact without any clear explanation.
  • Joseph has survived four plane crashes (two in Part 2 and two in Part 3); this was mentioned twice in Part 3.
  • Joseph is the only person capable of using both the Wave and having his own Stand.
  • According to Straizo, the user can infuse his Wave into non-organic objects only if he touches them. Despite this, Joseph was able to keep non-organic objects infused with Ripple after he dropped them from his hands on two different occasions: in his first fight against Wamuu, with his Tac-tac, and in his final fight against Wamuu, with the metal ball ammunition for his crossbow.
  • Of all the JoJos, Joseph is the one who has lived the longest to this day.
    • Hirohiko Araki once clarified that he thinks Joseph is "a little more senile but still alive" when part 6 takes place and that he is, at the time of the events, 91 years old.


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