Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace (born Gol D. Ace) known as "Burning Fist Ace" (火拳のエース, Hiken no Esu) is the spiritual brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. He is the only son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and his wife Portgas D. Rouge.

He was adopted by Monkey D. Garp at his birth under the request of Gol D. Roger, then raised by the Dadan family just like Luffy. He was the Commander of the Second Fleet of Whitebeard's Crew and he is the ex-Captain of the Spade Pirates Crew which was integrated into the first crew. He has only 3 years of piracy under his belt.

Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu while trying to protect Luffy during the Marineford Arc.

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Although they are not related by blood, Ace looks a lot like his adopted brother Luffy. Despite this, Ace is taller and more muscular, he has freckles on his cheeks that he inherited from his mother. He also has dark, messy hair. He has a habit of raising his left eyebrow which gives him a skeptical look. His features are reminiscent of Gol D. Roger, his biological father.

Ace's tattoos are most notable. He has one on his back, which represents the symbol of Whitebeard; a cross made of purple bones with a head with large white whiskers on top. He describes this symbol as his pride. He also has another tattoo on his left arm, which represents the letters "ASCE" written vertically with the "S" crossed out.

Ace wore a green shirt that he left open before he got the Whitebeard tattoo, but afterwards he stays shirtless, except in winter climate islands. He puts on black shoes, and knee-length shorts, held up with a belt with the letter "A" on the buckle. He wraps a blue satchel around his left leg. On his left wrist, Ace wears a Log Pose and a red and white bracelet, he also puts on a necklace with big red beads and he wears an orange hat crowned with two smileys, one crying and the other smiling. In the Alabasta Arc of the anime, he wears in addition to his original outfit a black desert dress with flaming patterns on the ends of the sleeves and a white scarf around his neck.

Ace unfortunately lost his hat, which he had since his departure to East Blue, during his fight with Teach. He has a dagger hanging from his waist, which apparently was confiscated after his defeat. After his death, Ace's hat and knife can be seen hanging at his grave.

Portgas D. Ace


When it came to eating, Ace would sometimes fall asleep in the middle of a meal and wake up a few minutes later as if nothing had happened, which made the Straw Hat Crew wonder if Ace was really their Captain's brother. He had as big an appetite as Luffy. He was also smarter, more helpful and more polite, we realize in Luffy's flashbacks that Ace wasn't always like this.

He learned, with great difficulty, politeness from Makino in order to thank Shanks for having saved Luffy during his youth.

He sometimes behaved like his brother: he fell asleep whenever, wherever, and however. But he could also be very serious, especially when it came to his crew or his family.

He also had a habit of eating in a restaurant and leaving without paying. Ace had a motto: "Live life to the fullest and without regret" and he stuck to it. Despite this, he regularly asked himself if he deserved to live. He found an answer to this question during the war at the top, which filled him with joy.

As his name suggests, Portgas D. Ace was also the bearer of the "Will of the D" which he surely inherited from his father Gol D. Roger and his mother Portgas D. Rouge. He was thus bound to a great destiny, but he preferred to sacrifice his life to save his little brother, dying smiling as his late father had done.

Like Robin, his desire to live came from Luffy.



Very soon after leaving Fuchsia, Ace created The Spade Pirate Crew. This is a play on words: "Ace" meaning ace and "Spade" spades. Ace's crew therefore meant "Pirates of the Ace of Spades". Ace was extremely loyal to the Spade Pirates, the crew he formed himself.

When he knew they didn't stand a chance against Whitebeard, he formed a firewall to allow them to escape. The Spade Pirates also shared this loyalty.

Despite their great defeat at the hands of Whitebeard, they challenged them in hopes of getting their Captain back, but were soundly defeated and kidnapped with him. The Spade Pirates, now part of Whitebeard's crew, mourned his death.

Whitebeard's crew

Ace tried about a hundred times to kill Whitebeard, but failed every time. Then, he resigned himself to be one of his "sons", on the advice of Marco and Thatch, respectively Commanders of the 1st and 4th fleets of Whitebeard's Crew.

He never regretted this choice, considering Whitebeard as his real father. He soon became Commander of the 2nd Whitebeard fleet, a position that had been left vacant for some time.


Monkey D. Luffy

Even if they are not of the same blood, Luffy and Ace consider themselves as true brothers. They exchanged, with Sabo, a cup of sake to symbolize their brotherhood. Even as a child, Ace always beat Luffy when they fought, even though he had no power at that time. Luffy, on the other hand, had already eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which proves his enormous fighting skills. However, as he got older, Luffy improved a lot but is still far from his big brother's level.

Gol D. Roger

He is Ace's real father. He was unfortunately executed before he could get to know his son. Ace considers him as "a useless and absent father" who means nothing to him. When Sengoku asks him to say publicly the name of his father in Marineford, he answers that his only father is Whitebeard.

Portgas D. Rouge

She is Ace's mother. She carried her child for twenty months in her womb, in order to save him from the Marines who were looking for Roger's possible son. Tired of her suffering, Rouge died after giving birth. She named Ace "Gol D. Ace", but he changed his name to her last name in honor of her sacrifice.

Monkey D. Garp

He is Ace's adoptive grandfather. He attended his birth on the island of Baterilla and looked after him at Roger's request. Garp made a promise to Roger to protect his son.


Sabo is Ace and Luffy's spiritual brother, but he is actually the son of nobles from the Kingdom of Goa. Before Luffy arrived among them, Ace and Sabo stole money in order to buy a ship and become pirates. But this money was lost in the fire of the garbage that was used as a treasure hideout at the Grey Terminal.

After the fire, Sabo decided to leave the kingdom of Goa, but was attacked by a Celestial Dragon and passed for dead. Upon hearing this, Ace wept for the first time in his life and it seems that he only became a pirate to carry on his brother's will. We can see from their training that Sabo was, before his presumed death, almost as strong in combat as Ace.

We can note that Ace's tattoo is probably a tribute to Sabo, because the "S" on the ASCE surely represents the "S" of "Sabo" that appears on Ace's arm.

Curly Dadan

Dadan is the adoptive mother of Ace and Luffy. She had a lot of trouble with Ace, who made her live hell because he often fought despite the fact that he brought her food. She was forced by Garp to raise the two boys or he would have sent Dadan and his gang to prison. She cried when Ace left for his life as a pirate.

After Ace's death, she tearfully attacks Garp, telling him that he chose his duty over his family and that he did nothing to save Ace.



The Pirate Emperor, Shanks, also called "Shanks the Red" or "Carrot Top" by Whitebeard, is on relatively good terms with Ace, whose respect seems to be mutual. It is mainly for his role in saving his younger brother Luffy from the sea monster during the incident with the bandit Higuma that Shanks gets Ace's gratitude.

Ace thanked him after finding him in the New World and the two crews feasted together. Shanks was a little worried about Ace, as he went in person to Whitebeard to express his disagreement and to ask that Ace stop chasing Blackbeard.


When Ace met him for the first time, he asked him to tell him where Whitebeard was in order to defeat him.

Although Jinbe was a Navy privateer, he had a deep respect for Whitebeard's crew since Whitebeard had put the island of Fishmen under his personal protection, so he refused to answer Ace's question and a fight ensued that lasted several days. At the end of this fight and after meeting Whitebeard himself, Ace joined his crew. Jinbe considered him a friend as well.

Years later, Ace and Jinbe were locked up in the same cell at Impel Down where, after Ace left and Jinbe was freed, Jinbe agreed to join Luffy in preventing Ace's execution.

Portgas D. Ace

The Straw Hat Crew

Ace was on good terms with his brother's crew after saving them from capture by Smoker in Alabasta. He also destroyed a fleet of Baroque Works that wanted to attack them. In the anime, he accompanied them through the desert to an oasis where he hoped to find Blackbeard. Luffy's crew was also affected by the news of his death.

The Baggy Crew

Ace met Baggy at one of the parties that Baggy was throwing on board his ship. Ace joined the party because he was attracted by the smell of the food. He first offered to help them find Luffy, and that's when Baggy recognized him. As he was a Whitebeard man, Baggy let him attend the party without hesitation. Ace seemed to enjoy blowing up the lion in a ring of fire, much to Luffy's dismay.


He meets her with his former crew during his journey to the New World. The 5 year old girl wants to join their crew so Ace makes her a promise to come back for her when she becomes a powerful Kunoichi (くノ一).


Yamato had met Ace at some point in the past. She had tried to leave Wano with him, but her father's handcuffs kept her trapped in Onigashima. She seems to respect him, because she affectionately said that Luffy reminded her of him and that even if she couldn't leave with Ace, she still plans to leave this island sooner or later.



Ace's main enemy is Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard. He was chasing him because Teach committed the worst crime for a pirate, killing one of his companions.

The latter killed Satch, who was a friend of Ace and was also plotting against Luffy. As Shanks says, Ace is still too young to fight against Blackbeard. This is what will cause his imprisonment at Impel Down after his defeat.

The World Government and the Navy

Ace is necessarily an enemy of the Navy because he is a pirate and has a high bounty.

Ace was also pursued before he was born by the World Government who were looking for the possible child of Gol D. Roger's child to execute him. When his connection to Roger became public, he became a character to be shot like all other criminal offspring.


Admiral Akainu received Ace's scorn for speaking ill of Whitebeard as Ace and Luffy retreated, provoking Ace to the point that he turned back and let his chance to escape Marineford slip away. He attacked Akainu with fury because of the insult, but discovered that his fire was inferior to Akainu's magma. The latter was able to burn Ace and finally kill him.

Skills and Competencies

Ace left his home village at the age of 17, according to a decision made with Sabo. His younger adopted brother Luffy was never able to beat him, despite the fact that Luffy already had the power of his Demon Fruit. Ace and Luffy did most of their training on their own, but they were trained in part by Vice Admiral Garp, their grandfather, and in part by Captain Naguri in the animated version of the manga. They were also both raised in the town of Fuchsia in East Blue by Dadan, a "friend" of the Vice Admiral.

Another fact that reveals Ace's strength is his ability to take Marshall D. Teach's punches despite losing the effect of his Demon Fruit, and to be able to react immediately accordingly, as Van Augur notes. Ace also carries a knife. Ace has excellent endurance. Indeed, when he was only a rookie, he managed to fight Jinbe for 5 days and 5 nights in a row. Their duel ended in a draw. So he was already equal to Jinbe's level and to that of a Shichibukai even before he joined the crew of Whitebeard. Shortly before this match, he was invited to the status of Shichibukai because there was a vacancy.

As the Commander of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Crew, Ace has authority over the lower ranks and is one of the most powerful members of the Whitebeard Crew. He rivals Admirals such as Aokiji, and his defeat of Akainu was only due to the natural superiority of magma over fire, which Akainu himself acknowledges. He is considered a legendary pirate.

Portgas D. Ace

Fruit of the Demon

Ace ate the Mera Mera no Mi, a Logia-like Demon Fruit, giving him pyrogenic powers, hence his nickname "Ace with Burning Fists". Ace also demonstrated his immense power by destroying several Baroque Works ships with ease and in a single blow.

For some reason, Ace is not too concerned about his inability to swim as evidenced by the risk he took of ending up in the water when he destroyed the Baroque Works ships. This power also allowed him to stop the snowfall on Drum Island the night he went there.

Ace is very good at handling his Demon Fruit, as evidenced by his boat named Striker. It's a mix between a boat and a sailboard that is propelled by a motor at the back, which Ace fuels with his flames.

Nevertheless, being made of fire did not protect him from Akainu's power, this one managed to inflict him a fatal wound while his Logia powers were still active. This is because Ace's Demon Fruit is at a disadvantage against Akainu's power. After his death, it was revealed that Ace's "Burning Fists" had the ability to burn cities to the ground.


Haki of the Kings

Although not presented in the current story, it is revealed in a flashback, 10 years before the current timeline, that Ace has the innate ability to use Royal Haki. He is seen using it unconsciously against Bluejam when the latter wanted to kill Luffy.

He says of Luffy in Marineford "you have it too" while his little brother uses it unconsciously. In Novel A, he uses it consciously against Hammond.

Weaponry Haki

It was revealed in One Piece Magazine that Ace could use the Haki of Weaponry. However, his level of mastery is unknown.


Ace carries a dagger, but we never see him use it. However, in the flashbacks where he tries to assassinate Whitebeard, Ace is shown using several weapons, including an axe, a knife, etc... As a child, he was seen armed with a pipe as seen in the flashbacks of Luffy.



Ace was born on the island of Baterilla on South Blue 15 months after the death of his father, Gol D. Roger. His mother, Portgas D. Rouge, gave birth to him after 20 months of pregnancy to save him from the World Government and the Navy who were looking for Roger's possible child to execute. His mother named him "Gol D. Ace" and died of exhaustion. He took his mother's name in honor of her sacrifice. Garp, having witnessed his birth, brought him with him and took care of him as he had promised Roger 15 months earlier.

When Luffy came into his life by joining the mountain bandit family, Ace tried to get rid of Luffy for about 6 months. At first, when he saw Luffy, he spat at him and Luffy got angry. But later, Luffy finally forgave Ace and wanted to become his friend.

Luffy discovered Sabo and Ace's secret; their treasure to buy a pirate ship. The young boy was then caught by Porchemy and his men and tortured. Ace and Sabo arrived to rescue him, healed him, and realizing that he wanted more than anything to be friends with them, accepted him into the group.

They spent their days training and then one day, Ace stole a bottle of sake from Dadan and revealed to the other two boys that if they shared a cup of alcohol, they would become brothers, no matter what they did in life.

Later, the trio went to town and went to a restaurant. After their meal, they left without paying and during their escape, they came across Outlook III, who seems to know Sabo. Back in their lair, Ace and Luffy questioned Sabo, and he revealed that he was not an orphan as he said, but the son of a nobleman. This does not change the relationship between the boys, but a few days later, Bluejam, paid by Sabo's father, comes to get the young boy.

Ace tries to stop him, in vain. Luffy and Ace then helped Bluejam's pirates to place several crates around Grey terminal. After all the crates were placed in their proper places, Bluejam revealed to the two boys that these crates will cause the fire that will burn everything in the dump, which made Ace and Luffy very angry. Bluejam also informed them that even people were going to be burned, and took the opportunity to ask them where their treasure was. As the dump burned, Bluejam's pirates tied Ace and Luffy with a rope to a wooden pillar.

Luffy, who is crying because of the heat from the fire, is yelled at by Ace who threatens to leave him here if he keeps crying. Ace then promises Luffy that they will make it out alive. Ace and Luffy run to escape. They come across Bluejam and his men who have been conned by the king. They wonder why they are still there, because they are the ones who caused the fire.

Luffy and Ace try to escape but are blocked by two of the pirates. Bluejam says that they started the job together, so they will stay with them. He then asks for the location of their treasure. Ace hesitates and finally gives the location. Bluejam's men catch Ace and Luffy under the pretext that they could have lied and that they will check with them. Ace refuses and Bluejam threatens him with his gun because he is not in the mood to waste time. Ace gets angry because Bluejam insulted Sabo.

Then Luffy bites the arm of the pirate who was carrying him saying that Sabo wants to be free. The pirate then takes out his sword and attacks Luffy, who tries to defend himself with his metal bar but it is not strong enough to face the sword of Bluejam. The latter is about to kill Luffy when, unconsciously, Ace releases the Haki of the Kings. All the pirates, except Bluejam, fall against this power.

Bluejam is about to kill Ace with his pistol but Dadan arrives and attacks Bluejam with his axe and saves Ace. The Mountain Bandits were also present but once they have recovered Luffy, Dadan orders them to flee. Ace refuses to leave because he wants to fight Bluejam. Dadan stays with him. Dadan and Ace's fight against Bluejam begins.

The next day, Ace and Dadan didn't come back and everyone thinks they are dead, except Luffy who thinks the opposite. Later, Ace comes back wounded with Dadan on his back, also wounded. Luffy jumps with open arms to Ace crying because he is happy to see him alive and is hit by Ace because he cries again for nothing. Dadan asks Ace why he didn't want to run away.

He answers that he feels that if he runs away from a fight, he would lose something precious to him. At this moment, it is Luffy. Ace's behavior reminds Dadan of Roger's. Dogra returns and announces Sabo's death to everyone. Ace does not believe him and starts to hit him. He gets angry and wants to avenge Sabo, but Dadan stops him. Ace is hung on a tree to prevent him from leaving. He reads the letter which was intended to him by Sabo and starts to burst into tears.

Ace then promises Luffy that he will not die. He then says that he will live his life without any regrets, and that at 17, they will go to sea to become pirates. Luffy and Ace's training continues and they end up fighting and living alone without helping each other. Faced with a bear, Luffy asks Ace for help but Ace refuses. Luffy is therefore injured by this bear, which Ace regrets. Their training continues and they end up beating the bear together. Years go by, and Ace becomes a pirate at 17 years old.

The beginnings in Piracy

As soon as he left the Village of Fuchsia, he founded the Spade Crew. Very quickly, he acquired a very high notoriety, so much so that the World Government offered him a position as a Corsair Captain, which he refused. His head will then have a price on it. He later met Shanks on the Grand Line. He thanks him for having saved Luffy from the Bay Monster and they take the opportunity to party.

On their journey to the New World, the crew ends up in the Land of Wa, on the shores of the village of Amigasa, which is in the grip of famine. The crew is captured and their food is consumed by the village, which regains some vitality. With the village satiated, Ace and his companions break free from their bonds to share the dessert. They befriend O-Tama, who, at the age of 5, already wants to join their crew. Ace promises her to come back for her when she becomes a powerful Kunoichi.

During this time, Ace and his crew went to Onigashima to kill Kaido and save the kidnapped children. However, Kaido was away on an expedition at the time, so Ace never met him or any of his key subordinates. After doing so much damage to Kaido's castle, Ace met Yamato, who decided to fight him because of boredom. During the fight, Yamato broke the dragon statue at the entrance of the island to show disdain for Kaido. Ace then left a mark on the statue and took responsibility for breaking it. Then, Ace and Yamato got acquainted. After saying that the breaking of the statue was a warning to Kaido, Ace toasts Yamato and tells him about his little brother's dream and forbids him to make fun of it, he then learns with amazement about Oden's death, and shortly before Ace left, Yamato prepared a life card for him hoping that they will meet again.

Then, he wanted to meet Whitebeard, but Jinbe prevented him from doing so and they fought for 5 days in a row, but neither of the two fighters could get the upper hand in the fight. He managed to meet Whitebeard, but he and his crew were easily defeated. Whitebeard then offers him to become "his son", which he accepts after a long refusal and after a good hundred aborted assassination attempts on the person of Whitebeard.

Kingdom of Drum bow

Ace is first seen in Drum when he leaves a message to Luffy, saying to meet him in Nanohana ten days later.

Alabasta Arch

During the Arc of Alabasta, Ace finds Luffy at the port of Nanohana and saves Luffy and his crew from the clutches of Smoker who is pursuing them. He gives him a "Life Card", and gets rid of a fleet of Billions of Baroque Works that are about to attack the crew. Then, he goes back in pursuit of Blackbeard.

Ace in pursuit of Blackbeard

Ace thinks he finds Blackbeard on an island in The Road to Peril, whose name is not revealed. In reality, he attacked a simple doctor who had the same nickname as the pirate and looked surprisingly like him. The villagers throw him into a river to take revenge. Fortunately, he is saved by a young milkmaid named Moda.

To thank her, he agrees to deliver a letter to the G-2 base of the Navy, which he infiltrates by disguising himself as a simple Marine, then Commander. He saves a Marine's life by rescuing him from a burning ship that was returning to the base after being attacked by Pirates; this causes him to be unmasked by the Marines. Nevertheless, he manages to give the letter to Vice-Admiral Komir, in charge of the G-2 base, before fleeing. In the letter, the milkmaid proposed to the Marines to sell them milk so that their coffee would not be so bad anymore; which the G-2 base accepted.

T-Shirt One Piece Sabo Ace Luffy

The Banaro Incident

He then meets up with Blackbeard on Banaro Island from The Road to Peril, where Blackbeard offers him to join his crew and confides in him that he was going to kill Luffy to get the vacant position of Privateer Captain. Ace refuses and prevents him from heading to Water 7 to fight Luffy. He then engages in a violent fight with Luffy.

He gave up his freedom because Blackbeard, having defeated him, handed him over to the World Government and obtained the title of Captain Corsair. Ace was condemned by the World Government who locked him up on level 6 of Impel Down prison.

Impel Down Arc

In Impel Down prison, he found himself in a cell close to that of Crocodile, the ex-Captain Corsair whom Luffy had defeated in Alabasta, and became Jinbe's cellmate, who refused to take part in the war against Whitebeard despite the orders of the World Government.

He later learned from Boa Hancock that his brother was coming to rescue him, which made him uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Luffy arrived too late at Level 6 of the prison, as Ace had already left to board the ship that was to transfer him to Marineford for his execution.

Execution in Marineford

On the scaffold, Sengoku announces to the world a surprising news because he says that Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger. At that moment, a fleet of 43 ships of New World Captains appeared on the horizon, and just after, four ships of Whitebeard burst into Marineford Bay to rescue Ace. A little later, Luffy and the 241 escapees from Impel Down flew into Marineford Bay and took part in the battle. Ace tried in vain to persuade Luffy not to come and rescue him.

Thanks to the intervention of Mr. 3, Ace was finally freed from his chains and took part in the fight alongside his brother Luffy. As the battle rages on, Whitebeard asks his allies and sons to flee while he sacrifices himself to block the Navy. Ace and Luffy fought together against the Navy and then both fled with the others. Ace thanks his father for all he has done for him and runs away with Luffy, but Akainu insults Whitebeard, which makes Ace angry. He engages the Admiral in a fight, but is no match for the injuries he sustained earlier.

At this moment, Luffy falls down and Akainu tries to send him a mortal blow. Ace throws himself in front of his brother and is pierced by the molten magma in his place, he collapses in the arms of his little brother, and after having said his goodbyes while crying, he dies in peace, with a smile.

After his death

The events of the Marineford War and the fact that he is the son of the Pirate Lord, Gol D. Roger, made Ace as legendary as his father. He is buried on a New World island alongside Whitebeard. His death broke the hearts of many people, especially Luffy who fell into a coma and woke up in total despair. But later, Luffy regained determination to become stronger and protect his loved ones.

Two years after his death, he is still a source of motivation for Luffy in his quest for the title of King Of Pirates. Luffy made this point briefly when he recalled his brother's last words just before entering the New World. Ace's notoriety seems to be "beneficial" to Luffy as Brownbeard directly recognized him as "The Brother of Burning Fists".

Ace's Demon Fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi, resurfaced after the ellipse, two years after his death. It was in the possession of Don Quixote Doflamingo who used it as a reward for the Coliseum Corrida tournament but also as bait to harm Luffy and dissolve the alliance he created with Trafalgar Law. Because of the immense powers that Mera Mera no Mi possesses, many conflicting countries and organizations participated in the tournament in order to take the fruit and increase their military power.

The Fruit was eventually eaten and held by the Revolutionary Sabo, his adopted brother, who had intervened in Dressrosa.

Manga and Anime differences

Alabasta Arch

During the Alabasta arc of the anime, Ace travels for a while with Luffy and his crew before giving him the Life Card, whereas in the manga, he meets him and gives him the Life Card almost immediately before leaving.

An unofficial bonus of Ace is shown in an off-series episode.

Mera Mera no Mi

In the manga, it is not known if Ace can light something from a distance without throwing a flame to have a direct contact. In the anime, he is seen lighting a cigarette of Sanji from a distance, without any apparent flame.

Arc Marine Ford

In the anime, when Ace dies, his necklace falls to the ground and breaks. A pearl even rolls to the foot of Whitebeard who picks it up afterwards. In the manga, the necklace remains intact and we see more blood.


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