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The 5 Best Madara Uchiwa's Quotes !

Madara Uchiwa may have a negative view of the world, but he always has words of wisdom to share and surprisingly, his best quotes make a lot of sense.

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5/ Reality is not a daydream

Madara Uchiwa

"Welcome to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this world. The longer you live, the more you realize that in this reality, only pain, suffering and futility exist." - Madara Uchiha.

A tough rival of Hashirama Senju in his prime, Madara Uchiwa was Hashirama's best friend, who later became the Hokage of the hidden village of leaves. His best laid plans failed as the differences between him and Hashirama grew, leading them to their separate paths. He suffered greatly, determined to fulfill his dreams, which did not work out even after his reincarnation.

4/ War is a by-product of peace

Les 5 meilleures citations de Madara Uchiwa!

"Human beings are nothing more than a means to the general process of life realization. They want to live in peace, but want to win it through war because in the end victory is what brings them peace." - Madara Uchiha.

Madara Uchiha views humanity from a rather utilitarian point of view. He respects all non-human life and sees humans as a means to their survival. War is a man-made entity, built solely for profit and power. Peace has a great price, and that price is war.

 3/ Life is ephemeral even for divine beings

Madara Uchiwa

"Kyûbi, you are only a momentary life, a temporary existence of fused energy, the energy that was once a unique and ultimate form. - Madara Uchiha.

Kurama, also known as Nine-Tails, was trapped in the consciousness of Naruto Uzumaki . During the Fourth Ninja World War, Naruto confronted Madara and fought him using all his powers. Madara, being the powerful ninja that he was, communicated with Kyûbi, who was partly the source of Naruto's powers, trying to get into his head with a strongly worded truth to make sure that Naruto failed in his efforts.

 2/ Selfless truth is the only salvation

Les 5 meilleures citations de Madara Uchiwa!

"This world is full of hatred, agony and suffering. All this is the result of dishonesty and lies. Humans learn to lie for their own selfish interests. A peaceful world will only exist when the truth prevails." - Madara Uchiha.

Madara Uchiwa may have been a villain, but he had an extraordinary head on his strong shoulders. Despite his outrageous plans to conquer the world, his philosophies were rational and consistent. He believed that war, lies and all negative things are the result of human selfishness and that peace can only exist where there is truth.

1/ Bravery gets the job done despite fear

Madara Uchiwa

"Only those who have the strength to withstand anything that comes their way, without flinching, can survive even the cruelest of trials. Find the courage to do so and nothing can stop you." - Madara Uchiha.

Madara Uchiha had controversial views on the world, truth, and the interrelationship between these elements. However, he was a wise man who sometimes knew what he was talking about. His views on bravery and courage resonate deeply with all audiences, motivating them to achieve wonders.


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