Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu is the female protagonist of Kimi no Na wa. . She is a 17-year-old high school student living in a small rural town called Itomori and a member of the Miyamizu family, where she serves as a priestess in her family shrine. However, Mitsuha feels dissatisfied with her life in a small town and due to the strained relationship she has with her strict father and the criticism she receives when she performs as a shrine girl, she wishes to live as a pretty boy in Tokyo. Her wish was finally partially granted as she would start switching bodies with a high school student named Taki Tachibana in her dreams.

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Mitsuha is a teenage girl of average build and height who is described as very beautiful and the spitting image of her late mother, Futaba . She has long straight black hair at the top of her back that she wears in a unique hairstyle; two braids on each side tied in a small ponytail with a braided cord of red, blue and yellow-orange color and brown eyes.

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Mitsuha Miyamizu

After going to Tokyo to find Taki, she gives him her braided cord and cuts her hair up to her chin with two strands framing her face. She starts wearing the braided cord again when she gets it back from Taki during Kataware-doki. In a promotional video, a twenty-year-old Mitsuha is seen with her hair in a bobbed hairstyle with the braided cord in a headband. As an adult, Mitsuha grows her hair to the length of her upper back, where she has her hair loose with a small strand tied in a braid at the back with the braided cord.

As a student, Mitsuha was often seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a white short-sleeved shirt with a pocket and a red ribbon on the collar. The shirt is tucked into a gray skirt that she wears. For shoes, she wears brown loafers and black socks. In the winter, she wore an orange (later blue) sweater over the shirt.

On the day the comet hit, Mitsuha is seen wearing a blue colored yukata with white flowers, a red obi and light brown sandals.

In 2016, when the weather reverses, Mitsuha wears a white dress with stars and a yellow cardigan, along with a pair of heels.

As an adult, Mitsuha usually wears a light orange shirt with a light pink cardigan on top. She wears a pair of peach colored jeans that go down to her shins with a brown belt and a pair of yellow colored heels. She is seen wearing a necklace and carrying a brown bag quite often.

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" I hate this city! I hate this life! Please make me a beautiful Tokyo boy in my next life! "
-Mitsuha's wish to live as a boy in Tokyo.

Mitsuha is a kind, caring, organized and supportive girl who is also determined and sometimes persistent, outspoken and adventurous. She is tired of her close-knit lifestyle in the small rural town of Itomori, and as such, she is also flaky and indifferent to her family's traditions and wants to explore outside her hometown. That's why when she starts to change bodies with Taki, she enjoys every little thing about her life and makes the most of it. She also falls in love with the city of Tokyo.

When she is in Taki's body, Mitsuha is constantly happy and extremely grateful, because Taki's life is exactly what Mitsuha dreamed of. She cherishes every moment, and when she goes out to cafes with Taki's friends, she spends a lot of money and takes pictures of everything, including "normal" desserts and the scenery of Tokyo. But since she has lived in quiet Itomori all her life, Mitsuha thinks that Taki's part-time jobs are tiring and stressful. She is dignified and proper, being strict with Taki when they change bodies and asks her to be careful with skirts, not to look and not to take a shower. When Mitsuha inhabits Taki's body, it is considered "girlish", feminine and speaks in a "strange" dialect, although she always manages to keep her cool.

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Mitsuha Miyamizu
Mitsuha had become a little embarrassed to perform her family traditions since her classmates made fun of her. Her stern and strict father also makes her insecure. This is evident since, unlike Taki, Mitsuha takes the belittling of her father and classmates without even a whisper in retaliation. In Taki's case, when he does, he delivers verbal (and in some cases, physical) lashes. However, Mitsuha is later inspired by Taki to act boldly, and thus gains the confidence to force her father to evacuate Itomori. Mitsuha also proves to be simple and she will not give up on something until it is done, as she is ultimately the one who saved the people of Itomori from the comet.

Because of her pleasant and "feminine" personality as Taki, he had won the admiration of Taki's crush at the time, Miki Okudera . When she is in Taki's body, she helps him to get closer to Okudera. However, by that time, Mitsuha has already fallen in love with him. When it comes to love and Taki, she becomes a little annoyed, especially in his presence, but she nevertheless became crazy with joy when she saw him for the first time in real. She also seemed to give good advice about love, as she had given Taki before, although Taki noted that she was just making fun of him.

Appearances in other media


Unlike the movie, the manga Kimi no Na wa. expands the epilogue with Mitsuha's perspective, in which she explains how her father evacuates the people of Itomori with helicopters. After graduating from high school, she enters a university in Tokyo and eventually gets a job as an office worker. She still hangs out with Sayaka and Tessie, both of whom also live in Tokyo.
Tenki no Ko
In 2021, Mitsuha appears as a jewelry saleswoman for a LUMINE store, shown when Hodaka asks her if the ring he chose for Hina is suitable. At this point, Mitsuha has not yet found Taki.
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At the time of 2024, it is mentioned in the novel Tenki no Ko that Taki's grandmother has a picture of her grandson's wedding and wears a braided cord on her right hand, but it is not known if Mitsuha did it. However, Makoto Shinkai clarifies in a director's interview that Mitsuha and Taki did indeed get married and does not care about the different chronologies of his works.

Powers and abilities

Exchange of souls

As a member of the Miyamizu family, Mitsuha has spiritual powers and can passively exchange her soul with another person. Mitsuha's exchanges with Taki are triggered by sleep and perhaps her spiritual powers, as she had unconsciously wanted to "reincarnate into a beautiful boy living in Tokyo". This phenomenon occurs only during her youth. The exact conditions and causes are unknown, but they can transcend both time and space. It can only be forcibly triggered by the other person through the consumption of his kuchikamizake. Memories during the exchange gradually fade afterwards, as it is more of a dream than a memory.
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Mitsuha Miyamizu

Taki later theorizes that the reason for the body change may have been that the Miyamizu females (and their respective others) could warn the city of the impending comet impact.


As a traditionalist of braided cord, Mitsuha is also good at sewing.


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