Classement des Meilleurs Combats de Vegeta

Ranking of Vegeta's Best Fights in Dragon Ball Z!

Vegeta has some of the best fights in the Dragon Ball franchise in terms of not only action, but also character development and plot progression.

Dragon Ball's biggest draw is the spectacle of its fights. Watching these martial artists fight at high speed and fire explosions of explosive energy is enough to give anyone an adrenaline rush. However, that's not to say that there isn't an emotional aspect to fighting too. There are times when the reasons for the fights are just as epic as the fights themselves. However, if there was one character who best blends intense action with good story development, it would be Vegeta.

For Vegeta, more than anyone else, his fights were an integral part of his character arc. Everything about his fights told the audience more about him. Many of his battles were a glimpse into his constant development. For this reason, it's easy to see his transition from a ruthless conqueror of the planet to a humble protector of the Earth. All of which serves to make his battles epic and action-packed. To prove it, here's a look at some of his greatest Dragon Ball Z fights, what makes them cool, how they progress in the story and what they say about his character.

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6/ Vegeta versus Goku (and Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobe)

Vegeta's battle with Goku is best known for its profound influence. The Kickstarted rivalry is one of the most famous of all anime. Their motivations to strengthen and surpass each other are inspiring in many ways, both inside and outside the story.

Beyond its legacy, the fight itself engages in its own right. Goku's Kaio-ken x3 assault on Vegeta, followed by one of the finest beam fights in the franchise, is pure exhilaration. It's also one of the only Dragon Ball fights where all the combatants fight to the end of the battle due to exhaustion.

5/ Vegeta versus Freezer

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Vegeta claimed that he wanted to kill Freezer not to avenge the Saiyans, but to make up for all the time lost under his proverbial boot. When their battle began, the Saiyan Prince did everything in his power to fulfill the Super Saiyan legend of his people. He passed the responsibility on to Goku after failing on all these fronts. His constant humiliation at the hands of Freezer had revealed a more vulnerable side that cared about others, especially Saiyans. No one could have expected to feel so much for the man who had been the cause of so much grief until now.

Emotion aside, Vegeta's fight with Freezer provided some superb visuals. His power-up, rapid-fire energy blasts and planet-shattering explosion shaking Namek from space were all spectacular. Freezer's torture was also emblematic. This fight may have been a blowout, but Vegeta put on a good show while it lasted.

4/ Vegeta versus C19

It came a little late, but Vegeta finally realized his version of the Super Saiyan legend. Anyone who followed DBZ knew how important this moment was. Vegeta put a lot of time and effort into earning this transformation. Some of it was even shown shortly before the fight began. It was part of his goal to surpass Goku and claim his right to be called the Prince of the Saiyans.

Vwgeta's efforts were rewarded with a satisfying defeat of Android 19. Not only did he defeat his enemy, but he also proved that androids can feel fear. The defeat was so profound that the Saiyan prince even bluffed Android 20 into running away, despite not having the energy to fight him. It was an excellent comeback for Vegeta after his humiliating defeats by Freezer and, in a way, Goku.

3/ Vegeta versus Cell

Super Vegeta gave Semi-Perfect Cell a thorough beating, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted a real fight, so he let Bio-Android absorb Android 18 and reach his perfect form. It was a cruel reminder that the Saiyan Prince was still technically an antagonist.

While Vegeta ultimately lost this fight, he still put on a good show. The final Flash he used is still one of the most impressive attacks in the series for its size and the way it fires off into deep space. Few attacks after this one seemed as powerful, even if they were.

His assault on Super Perfect Cell was also emblematic, as well as narratively significant. It showed that he cared about Trunks, but it also cost Gohan his arm. He may have made up for it by helping Gohan defeat Cell, but his pride had once again been badly wounded.

2/ Majin Vegeta versus Goku

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Majin Vegeta's fight with Goku was the culmination of his frustrations. He had spent years trying and failing to surpass a lower-class warrior he should always have been better than. When he died, it seemed he'd never be able to settle the score with his rival. On top of all this, he felt he was becoming soft and complacent from all his time on Earth; he wanted to become a cold-blooded warrior again. All this led him to accept Babidi's Faustian bargain for power. He was finally ready for his long-awaited decisive battle with Goku.

While most of the fight is anime canon, it's still incredible to watch. These long-time rivals prove to be not only powerful, but also experts in their field. It's a brilliant display of fast-paced close-range and long-range combat. It all looks and feels like a final battle.

1/ Vegeta versus Kid Buu

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Vegeta accepted his place in the universe during the final battle with Kid Buu. He finally recognized that Goku was better than him, both morally and physically. On top of that, he accepted his place as Earth's protector. All his frustrations since the beginning of the Buu Saga have been dealt with.

He also understood his place in the fight with Kid Buu. He had no illusions about winning this fight. His role was to support Goku and help him to victory. To this end, he blocked the Majin long enough for Goku to transform into Super Saiyan 3 and, when this plan failed, launched the Super Spirit Bomb. The boost Goku and Vegeta give each other signifies not only Kid Buu's defeat, but also the positive change in their relationship.


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