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Hermit Jiraiya Figure - Naruto Shippuden™

Hermit Jiraiya Figure - Naruto Shippuden™

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Figure of Jirayaone of the 3 legendary ninjas of Konoha and master of Naruto Uzumaki the main character of the famous anime Naruto Shippuden™.

Jiraya is here accompanied by the 2 great sages of Mount Myôboku Shima and Fukasaku and uses his iconic technique, the Rasengan.

  • anime: Naruto Shippuden
  • Character: Jiraya Accompanied by Shima and Fukasaku
  • Height : 19cm
  • Figure: High-endand durable
  • Design: Faithful to anime
  • Packaging: With box

Jiraya is a rather tall man in his 50s with long white hair. He constantly carries with him the scroll for signing the frog summoning pact. His forehead band bears the kanji "Abura", which means "Oil". A red line runs down from each of his eyes like a tear and he has a wart on the left side of his nose. By using Hermit Mode his body changes and transforms him into an older version of himself with toad-like features.

Jiraya is a great all-around ninja, excellent in almost all ninja arts except Genjustu, where he is pitifully lame according to his words. However, he fills this gap by summoning toads, specialized in this field, which allows him to excel everywhere. He is one of the three legendary ninjas and the disciple of the 3rd Hokage which gives him a certain fame and he does not usurp it because very few shinobi dare to face him. Even Itachi and Kisame did not dare to face him in two-on-one.

You too wish to become a true genius ninja and awaken to the Senin mode, then get your figure of Jiraya accompanied by the great sages of Mount Myôboku and turn your room into a true Shonen universe.

We invite you to discover our complete collection of Naruto figure which will make you the most Otaku hero in america. For any other figure or anime accessories, take a look at our range figure and anime goodies. ⛩

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he looks very cool

bought it for my son and he loved this very much

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